AE Closes $24,000 Sale After Trucking Company Shifts Focus

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Finding qualified employees for the trucking company

Jacob Flaten, of Sparklight Advertising, has only been selling media for four years, and using AdMall for a little under two years. A part of his sales routine is using AdMall. He knew the platform would be crucial when he approached a local trucking company that was looking to hire new people.

The [trucking company] specializes in pneumatic, dry bulk, oil hauling, and long haul,” said Flaten. “The owners were very used to traditional billboard and radio marketing, but knew they needed to start adapting to digital and video. [They wanted] to stay relevant and compete [to reach] their expansion goals. They have office locations in ND, MN and WY with an operations’ footprint across those states as well as IA, NE, CO, MT and SD.”

The challenges have been getting and keeping qualified drivers as they expand into new states. Their previous now-​hiring campaign was only using billboard advertising.”

Solution: Rely on AdMall’s AudienceSCAN profiles

With the use of AdMall, I got [the trucking company] to switch from that to more targeting advertising with banners and video promoting their open positions in CO, WY, NE and IA,” said Flaten.

AdMall helped me develop a proposal using AudienceSCAN data on ‘better job seekers,’ as well as ‘trucking audiences,’ that had great fits within their budget. I have just shared the first two months’ worth of campaign data and they have been more than thrilled.”

Flaten came up with a digital ad campaign that consisted of pre-​roll video as well as internet banner ads.

Result: More applicants and a large sale for Flaten

The trucking company knew they needed to evolve with a new digital marketing campaign, and Flaten’s pitch, with AdMall’s AudienceSCAN research backing him up, sold them on it. They agreed to a six-​month campaign valued at $4,000 a month.

They are seeing an increase in website traffic and are receiving more job applications than when they did newspaper classifieds,” said Flaten.

Flaten has won the Sell Smarter! Award multiple times now, and has recommendations for anyone new to AdMall, or someone who is not using it as much as they should.

For starters, Flaten is AdMall-​certified, which is the best way for anyone new to AdMall to get up and running with the product. Second, he attends as many public webinars as he can. Both of the certification process and the webinars can be accessed through AdMall’s Learning Center. He also credits the AudienceSCAN and Local Account Intelligence Report as the two AdMall sections that are most beneficial in his sales approach.

I got comfortable with AdMall very fast,” said Flaten. “I would recommend AdMall to anyone in media sales, from rookies to veterans. I wish we had it when I started. I would also recommend it to anyone that is in a competitive market that is up against radio stations, broadcast TV affiliates, Cable TV and other media agencies.”

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