AE Closes Siding Contractor Radio Sale Using AdMall’s Market Intelligence

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Competing with big box roofing and siding businesses

MacDonald Broadcasting Company account executive Derek VanDeven is new to media sales. Having only sold it for a year, he was still getting his footing in the industry when he called on a small roofing and siding business in his market.

They specialize in the exterior of the home, from roofing to siding to doors and windows,” said VanDeven. “They also do kitchen and bath remodels. It is a single owner who sees great value in doing local business with local people.”

The siding owner’s biggest concern, according to VanDeven, was staying competitive in an ever-​growing market.

Solution: AdMall’s suite of presentation tools and market intelligence

VanDeven may be new to the media sales world, but he knew that AdMall would be an invaluable resource with the siding company.

It took a couple of months to get used to AdMall, but the how-​to videos and learning center helped a lot,” said VanDeven.

I used market demographics to show my client the opportunity for houses built between 1960–1989 that were owner occupied and most likely in need of renovation in our market. I pitched him a thirty-​second radio ad based around comparison shopping.”

Result: First radio ad buy in over 10 years for the company

VanDeven successfully made his case and was able to convince the siding contractor to buy into his campaign.

They haven't done radio in 12 years,” said VanDeven. “The final sale was for 24 weeks and $12,900.00.”

When asked how AdMall can help other sales reps who might not be using it as much as they could, VanDeven had a simple recommendation.

Update your account list and use the presentation tool to help with your research. AdMall will help you out with prospecting and easily learning about different business categories.”