AE Sells $50,000 First-​Time Digital Advertising Package to Plumbing Company

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Changing their plumbing business practices during a pandemic

Altice USA account executive Lisa Phillips has been selling media for over 25 years. She has a wide range of experience that spans from selling radio advertising in the early 90s to selling cable and connected TV four years ago. It was this experience that helped her comfortably approach a potentially renewing plumbing client who was having difficulties adjusting to the new COVID-​19 reality.

Like all local businesses, the [plumbing company was] faced with pandemic-​related challenges,” said Phillips. “As an essential business, they needed to pivot and change the way they conducted their business at people’s homes.”

Solution: Create a sales proposal with a new targeted audience

To help her plumbing client, Phillips’s plan was to convince them to alter their advertising strategy to a more focused digital campaign.

I had done my own proposal but chose slides off AdMall that I thought would enhance and enforce the strength of my program,” said Phillips. “My TV campaign was comprised of local news and Top 20 cable networks. I shared info from AdMall that showed that plumbing customers are golfers.”

After showing them the research, they liked that I had the Golf network in my plan. I also shared a slide that showed where plumbing customers saw advertising that led them to take action from Streaming TV. Whether that be accessed through an app, or website without cable or satellite subscription, [it use] supported my inclusion of OTT.”

Result: An increase and a shift to digital for the 2021 renewal

The plumbing company had never done any sort of digital advertising but were immediately sold on Phillips’s pitch that consisted of AdMall’s AudienceSCAN data.

The final total for this renewal was $46,500. Phillips feels AdMall can provide a personal touch when approaching the right client.

Any smart media seller should know a good resource when they see one,” said Phillips. “Everybody sells differently. I like providing smart research that I think local business owners would appreciate if I feel they would be receptive to it. It shows I care. Sharing this type of information is not for all businesses. Sellers need to choose their tools wisely. I knew that this client would appreciate the intel AdMall was able to provide.”

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