Most Allergy Sufferers Don’t Realize How Much Air Filters can Help Them

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Spring has sprung and so have the sneez­ing fits! For the approx­i­mate­ly 50 mil­lion Amer­i­cans affect­ed by nasal aller­gies (accord­ing to the Asth­ma and Aller­gy Foun­da­tion of Amer­i­ca), it is the start of a mis­er­able sea­son.

Accord­ing to Audi­enceS­CAN, 25.1% of aller­gist patients are between the ages of 25 and 34, and are 19% more like­ly than oth­er adults to own dogs.

And while many peo­ple take refuge inside their homes in the hopes of escap­ing the worst of it, pollen, dust, and mold in the indoor air can aggra­vate aller­gy and asth­ma symp­toms. Even under­tak­ing a deep spring clean­ing of your home may not help, giv­en that more than 110 mil­lion US adults do not change their fil­ters as part of their spring clean­ing rou­tine (46%), accord­ing to a new sur­vey among 1,136 U.S. adults released today by Fil­ter­Buy, con­duct­ed by Radius Glob­al Mar­ket Research in March 2018.

A major­i­ty of aller­gist patients (73.9%) own their own homes, accord­ing to Audi­enceS­CAN. This makes them 9% more like­ly than oth­er adults to be home­own­ers.

The sur­vey results are sur­pris­ing:

  • One-quar­ter of U.S. adults do not change their fil­ters reg­u­lar­ly, and over 26 mil­lion (11%) said they nev­er change their fil­ters at all.
  • Still, con­sumers are con­scious that the air they breathe can be harm­ful:
    • 60% wor­ry about the air they breathe in their home.
    • 66% say that sea­son­al aller­gies are affect­ed by the air inside a home or office.
    • More than two-thirds of U.S. adults say the qual­i­ty of the air they breathe at home or work is direct­ly relat­ed to their health.
  • Of those who had changed their fil­ters at some point in the last two years, 89% have found dust, pet hair and dan­der (40%) and even insects (18%) on the old fil­ters!

Giv­en that 160.8 mil­lion U.S. adults (67%) see dust/pollen in their home, you, your fam­i­ly mem­bers, and your pets (who can also suf­fer from sea­son­al aller­gies), will appre­ci­ate know­ing that a secret to sur­viv­ing spring aller­gy sea­son is a new set of replace­ment HVAC (heat­ing, ven­ti­la­tion and air con­di­tion­ing) fil­ters. These fil­ters trap the spores, pollen, pet hair and dan­der, and oth­er aller­gens that come in from the out­side, set up res­i­dence and cause us to sneeze and wheeze.

So, how can adver­tis­ers reach this audi­ence with the impor­tant mes­sage of air fil­ters? While they're tak­ing shel­ter from the out­side air inside their homes, 41.1% of aller­gist patients are catch­ing up on their local news via the TV, and with­in the past 12 months, 76.1% have tak­en action after view­ing a TV ad. This group is also 54% more like­ly than oth­er adults to find adver­tis­ing on mobile apps use­ful. With­in the last six months, 52.8% of aller­gist patients have also used their mobile devices to make an online pur­chase that wasn't an app.

Audi­enceS­CAN data is avail­able for your appli­ca­tions and dash­boards through the Sales­Fu­el API. Media com­pa­nies and agen­cies can access Audi­enceS­CAN data through the Audi­enceS­CAN Reports in AdMall.

Rachel Cagle

Rachel Cagle

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