It's Always Time to Spruce Up Your Sales Pitch

BY Jessica Helinski
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The beautiful thing about a sales pitch is that it can always be tweaked. And, it should be tweaked often…maybe even right now. Sales Hacker contributor John Corrigan is also the CEO of SummitSync, and he’s relied on his sales pitch enough times that he’s learned a few tips and tricks.

First, he advises readers to stay far away from industry jargon. Sure, sprinkling a few buzzwords into your pitch seems logical, but doing will likely result in a bored listener. Don’t bog down your pitch with words the listener doesn’t understand. “This doesn’t mean you abandon your vocabulary and revert to 4th-​grade banter,” he explains. “It does mean that your pitch should be clear, concise and [compelling].” You want to quickly grab the listener’s attention in a good way—and make him or her want to hear more.

Another tip is to maintain a streamlined message. There are so many things you want to say, but that doesn’t mean you should include everything. It can be hard to whittle down your pitch; strive for one to two sentences and don’t be afraid to try it out on anyone who will listen. Then, ask yourself the following: Does the pitch make sense? Do they get it? Is the pitch compelling enough to make you want to hear more? Rewrite as many times as necessary until you can answer “yes” to each of those questions.

Remember that your pitch is supposed to be a dialogue rather than a monologue. Yes, you are informing the listener about what you do, but you should also try to encourage a conversation. “Remember,” Corrigan writes, “you’re having a sales conversation—not lecture.”

He goes on to share three other tips that you’ll likely find helpful. Take this opportunity to examine your current sales pitch and improve it as necessary. As he notes, it’s vital to always be “learning, honing and growing.”