Amid Pandemic, AdMall Blogs Help AE Pivot Auto Service Center Ads

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: COVID-​19, competing with multiple auto service centers in the area

WHMI account executive Emily Marone knew she had to take a new approach when targeting new clients during the COVID-​19 pandemic.

Marone has been with the company for 14 years, spending 10 years on-​air before shifting to an account executive role for the past four years. She started using AdMall recently.

I’ve been using AdMall for only a couple months,” said Marone. “My favorite part is the [blog] articles. I like to read and see different perspectives. With AdMall I see less as a seller and more as a business owner.”

During this pandemic I decided to pivot. I changed my attitude from, ‘everyone is going to cancel,’ to ‘let's change your message.’”

With her new perspective, Marone approached a local auto service center in her area.

The owner is very nice to work with,” said Marone. “He always has help on hand because he is kind to his employees and customers. They specialize in tires, but they also do full repairs from oil changes to transmissions. They were facing many challenges during the pandemic, but before then too. He has many competitors in very close proximity.” 

Solution: Keeping up to date with the AdMall Media Sales Today blog

Before I went to visit our local Auto Service Center, I went to AdMall for some direction,” said Marone. “I found an article about not letting your vehicle sit too long and to make sure you keep up on maintenance. After I sent the article to my Creative Director, we came up with a wonderful script.”

I drove to the [business] and right when I walked in, my client said, ‘I think we need to stop the ads right now.’ I said, before you make that decision, you should hear this script I put together for you. Reading him the script saved the sale.”

Marone sold a 30-​second radio commercial ad to the auto service center.

AdMall helped me help the owner by making smart suggestions. With so many people working from home during the pandemic, this business was very slow. With his new message, from the help of AdMall, it reminded those customers to not let their car sit too long. [To remind them to] take it for a spin and get [auto service] work done while you have time.”

Result: A smaller, yet effective sale.

The grand total for Marone’s sale was $4,000, but it showed a simple, yet very effective way of communicating to customers during such uncertain times.

I know he was happy with his message,” said Matone. “It kept him front and center and his message was a ‘feel good’ daily commute. I’ve found these type of messages resonate well with listeners. It wasn’t super ‘selling,’ but more of a ‘he’s here to help,' which he always does well with.” 

My client has been extremely happy that we didn't end his ads because even though it seemed like the logical thing to do, since sales were slow, his share of voice over the air was strong,” said Marone. “While other companies pulled their ads, he was heard. Thank you, AdMall."