Apartment Complex Spends $24,000 on New Ad Campaign After Seeing AudienceSCAN Data

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Attracting renters to the apartment complex

Jahni Heimsoth, a sales rep from Sparklight Advertising, had only been on the job for six months when they approached a local apartment complex that was trying to lure more people to their building.

The owners of this [apartment complex] own multiple different types of properties within the tri-​state area, ranging from residential space, commercial space, restaurants, hotels, etc,” said Heimsoth. “They are members of the community who are trying to expand the area and bring more business here. I am helping them specifically advertise their new apartment complex to get them filled up.” 

Solution: Leverage AdMall’s AudienceSCAN Data

AdMall helped in many ways when building this campaign,” said Heimsoth. “When I first met with [the apartment complex], they weren’t even sure who their target audience was or how to best reach them. I immediately knew I could help them answer those questions with AdMall. I used the AudienceSCAN reports to show them who we should be targeting based off what type of people may be interested in their properties. That was a major key to gaining their trust and ultimately making the sale.” 

I was able to quickly show them exactly who they should be tailoring their ads to by showing them the statistics and demographics of who exactly is most likely to be interested in renting an apartment. On top of that, I could show them how those people best respond to advertising, making it easier for them to narrow down what type of ads they wanted to do with us.”

Result: Digital-​only sale for the new sales rep

I sold [the apartment complex] OTT streaming TV, YouTube advertising, and targeted display banner ads,” said Heimsoth. “These types of advertising best aligned with what they were trying to achieve and the people they were trying to reach. I didn’t sell them any traditional media because we would be targeting the wrong people.”

Having only been selling media for six months, this was a huge win for me. It’s nice to know I have AdMall to fall back on and help give me some credibility with clients. The [apartment complex] spent $4,000 a month, for six months, for a total of $24,000.”

Heimsoth, being new to media selling, has advice for anyone new looking for tips on how to get up and running with AdMall.

It didn’t take me long to get comfortable because right away I became AdMall certified,” said Heimsoth. “There is so much information that I have access to that I would have no idea where to find if I didn’t have AdMall. It helps build credibility with your clients and saves you massive amounts of time by having it all at your fingertips. Not only is it beneficial for your current clients, but it is also extremely helpful when prospecting for new business. If a sales rep is not using AdMall, they are 100% missing out.”

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