Are Your B2B Marketers Using Influencers?

BY Kathy Crosett
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Are your B2B marketers using influencers the best way possible? Are they using them at all? Before you start cringing at the thought of suggesting one of the Kardashians to your clients, brush up on how influencers work in the B2B marketplace.

The Power of Influencers

When consumers are ready to buy a product, they’re risking their own money. If they make a mistake, they only have themselves to blame. When a B2B buyer is ready to make a purchase, they want evidence and reassurance. They’re risking the company’s money and if they make a mistake, they might be saying goodbye to their job.

This reality may be why so many B2B companies are using influencer marketing. Influencers help B2B marketers gain credibility.  And B2B prospects are most interested in the following formats used by influencers:

  • Blog posts 83%
  • Recorded video 67%
  • Webinars 64%
  • Interviews 59%
  • Podcasts 52%

How do marketers get started with an influencer? In the 2020 State of B2B Influencer Marketing report, TopRank Marketing compiled the results of its survey on this topic and wrote about the nuances of influencer marketing.

A good influencer marketing program is not haphazard or intermittent. When businesses find the right influencer and use them properly, 69% agree that they can score new leads.

Outside influencers already have credibility in the marketplace and they have a platform, meaning people know them and respect their opinion outside the B2B funnel your client is designing. As the volume of content expands when your client works with an influencer, their brand benefits from:

  • More brand content credibility 64%
  • Higher share of voice 62%
  • Increase in new leads 55%
  • Higher sales 34%

Are Your B2B Marketers Using Influencers?

As you work with your clients, identifying the right influencer is key. Look for an individual who matches what your clients wants to accomplish.  Remember that these key data points contribute to the best success:

  • The audience is relevant to what the business is selling 91%
  • The influencer is a subject matter expert 79%
  • The influencer has their own content on a platform separate from the business 72%

The first bullet point above is particularly important. The influencer’s audience should align well with the solutions your client is selling.

Maintaining consistent mention of your client’s solution is another key goal when establishing a partnership with an influencer. “Always On Influencer Marketing is a strategic approach to creating communities of trusted experts that is relationship and content focused.” In an always-​on strategy, influencers may provide quotes, promote brand content and participate in events like workshops.

If your clients haven’t started using B2B influencers, it may be time to start. This is a complex task to manage and you may want to invest in software to help your clients with the process. To learn more about the kinds of content that influence audiences such as Small Business Owners, check out the Digital Audit, available from AdMall by SalesFuel.