Are Your Employee Appreciation Programs Making A Difference?

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Managers and leaders spend a lot of time obsessing about their recognition programs. In many organizations, a percentage of the budget is set aside for this purpose. Employees definitely appreciate the year-end bonuses and awards banquets. However, those perks don’t motivate employees to come to work every day. Your team members are far more likely to engage when the culture of appreciation is alive and well.

Practicing random acts of kindness, which improve culture, doesn’t come naturally to all managers. If you’re stressed out and aggravated on a daily basis, you probably don’t think about ways to praise your team. During this season of gratitude, promise yourself to make a change. At lollydaskal​.com, a recent post contained great ideas on ways to show gratitude and benefit the employee at the same time.

Employee-Centered Appreciation

Not every employee requires the limelight and applause to feel appreciated. You should know who these people are. Using the data in the behavioral profiles available from SalesFuel HIRE, you’ll understand who appreciates quiet recognition.

You can never go wrong by visiting an employee’s workstation and asking how they’re doing. You can do the same with a remote employee by touching base randomly through video chat. Don’t have a hidden agenda for this contact. Just keep it casual. The personal contact will help your team member feel valued.

Professional Development Opportunities

Professional development doesn’t always have to be a formal process involving paperwork, conference fees or tuition remission. Bosses can communicate their appreciation for an employee by inviting them to a meeting they wouldn’t normally attend. They can also ask the employee to represent them at meetings for a short-term project. These assignments signal that the manager has confidence in the employee and believes they can handle the task.

Public Recognition

When it’s time to recognize your employees who love attention, don’t skimp. These folks, especially your rainmakers, work hard to bring in contracts. They put up with rejection day after day. Let them know you appreciate them with social media posts. And don’t forget to highlight their achievements on the company chat system. Sure, you’ll probably be giving these folks an award with some kind of monetary value. But they enjoy public recognition too. Their enthusiasm about being celebrated in this way easily spreads to the rest of the team.

To keep appreciation front and center in the coming year, make notes on your calendar. Take five minutes out of every day to connect with one person on your team. They’ll reward you with loyalty and hard work.

Kathy Crosett
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