The “art” of selling – the permanent TO DO

BY Jennifer Gluckow
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Last week I wrote about sales without salespeople. While sales without salespeople are possible (and in my article, I give an example of it being very successful), salespeople, you included, have the power to make a sale that will lead to long-​term, reoccurring or multiple sales, if you master the art of emotionally-​connected selling.

To uncover this art, let’s go directly where the art best occurs – at an art gallery!

This is all about the startling occurrences at D’Alessio Gallery in the beautiful town of Bar Harbor, Maine.

As tourists in Bar Harbor, my partner and I walked all over town looking for nothing in particular and walked into a random art gallery. We both felt inspired by the art in the window, and “had” to see what was inside.

Relaxed and somewhat tired from a long walk, lobster rolls, pastries, and assorted goodies, we sat down on the couch to talk about the one piece we were interested in. By chance, we were conversing with the artist himself, Russell D’Alessio. His wife, the real salesperson, was working on their garden.

We really loved this one piece. Yep, one piece.

Russell started telling stories. History, life, art, tourists, sales, you name it. He was from New Jersey, hey, I’m from Jersey (are you from Jersey?). More than Jersey, he was endearing.

Our intention was to buy one piece of art… but (no surprise) after we heard about his art and he explained his history, his inspiration, and the stories behind the art, we just “had to have” (bought) two more pieces.

NOTE TO SALESPEOPLE: The stories made us feel a deep connection. They weren’t pitchy. Russell was genuine and authentic. Our conversation provided a deep emotional connection.

So what are you doing to make yourself valuable as a salesperson? Where’s the “art” in your sales stories?

Here are some artsy ideas. Some creative and some ordinary ideas to win the battle of engagement. Here’s how to bring the art back into your sale…

  • Create a friendly, unintimidating, welcoming environment. This can be achieved through the meeting space you choose, the lunch place you pick or even your office space home base.
  • Offer the best coffee for free. Invite prospects to come in and schmooze. How much more than your current ads could it possibly cost, and how many more leads could you be getting?
  • Ask emotional questions that will uncover what they care about, and why they want to make a purchase.
  • Develop a deep emotional connection. This begins by building trust through genuine engagement and being knowledgeable about your products and services so that you can answer questions your prospect may have. But it goes way further than product knowledge. Ask about, and listen for, their “why” for buying (their emotional reasons – not their price reasons), then craft and customize your words so that you relate to them through their why.
  • Tell stories that the customer can relate to. Not pitchy, salesy stories that tell me every feature or benefit on earth, but stories the client can relate to on a deep emotional level. NOTE: First you have to find out their reason for buying – their emotional why – in order to tell a story they will relate to.
  • Demonstrate your love of what you do. The passion behind your words will transfer the obvious love of your work. No passion, no sale – just that simple.
  • Demonstrate your love to serve through your actions. Don’t show them where something is, take them to it. Don’t make it like you’re doing them a favor to help. Help them in a caring and thoughtful way.
  • Follow up after the sale. A handwritten card and selfie can do the trick. Thank them for buying and let them know you’re standing by to serve again in the future. NOTE: serve not sell. If service is your mentality, you will win every time.

All of these may seem like a given, but I challenge you to rate yourself – first IF you’re doing it, and then HOW WELL you’re doing it.

Although selling has been proven to be a repeatable science, more sales will be made if you add in the artistic (genuinely engaging and attractive) elements.

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