Are You Asking Prospects This Vital Question?

BY Jessica Helinski
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If you had to choose one question to ask every prospect, what would it be? According to John Nemo, founder of LinkedIn Riches, there’s a particular go-​to question that is often overlooked when communicating with prospects. This question is so important, he writes, that it actually dictates how he sells.

In his recent Inc. article, he explains that few salespeople literally ask a prospect what he or she wants. This is problematic because, when it comes down to it, your prospects really just care about themselves. Because of this, it’s vital for the rep to see things from the prospect’s point of view.

So, what is this vital question? The “1 Question Survey” (as Nemo calls it) is the following:

What do you want to know most about [BLANK]?"

Fill in the blank with anything that is relative to the prospect’s own business or what you’re selling. While simple,  Nemo guarantees the question will give the knowledge needed to offer true value to the prospect. “When you deploy this strategy, not only do you learn what your ideal audience actually wants you to create and/​or sell to them, you also discover how they want you to communicate to them about it (meaning the words and phrases to use, etc.),” he writes. Asking this question will also close the gap between what you think the prospect wants and what he or she actually wants.

One of the best things about this question is that it can be asked anywhere (in-​person or via a LinkedIn message) and at any time (during the first call or a subsequent meeting). But, Nemo warns, asking the question will be a waste of time if you don’t apply what you learn. Take the response to heart and consider how you can meet the prospect’s wants and deliver them per preference.

The next time you communicate with a prospect, consider asking Nemo’s question. Doing so will uncover what and how you should sell to the prospect. The insight may even surprise you!