AudienceSCAN Data Convinces Door and Window Customer to Agree to $42,000 Campaign

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: What’s the best way to approach a potential new door and window customer?

Emily Cooper, account executive at Spectrum Reach, has been selling media for seven years. For the past six months, Cooper has homed in on her AdMall techniques to figure out the best route to use when approaching local businesses. In this case, a door and window company.

I’ve been using AdMall on and off for probably five years, with my use going into overdrive the last six months,” said Cooper. “I cannot get enough of the research that is provided. It can be intimidating going into a CNA [customer-​needs assessment], with a new prospect, not knowing much about their business.”

For this transaction, I dealt with the [door and window company’s] head of marketing. He is very easygoing, but really loves data and being able to show measurable success. [The] main challenge [the door and window business was facing] was expanding into our market. They are currently in 14 markets across the state and Raleigh is a new area for them as of June 2021.”

Solution: Learn more about the door and window industry using AdMall’s reports

By educating myself with AudienceSCAN reports on various groups of targets, I was able to go into this CNA with a door and window company with the education to impress,” said Cooper.

I relied heavily on the advertising response section of the AudienceSCAN report, as well as ‘Know the Opportunity’ section on the Local Intelligence Report to help me formulate probing questions that mattered to the client.”

The client expressed appreciation for my meeting preparations, and I felt empowered that I knew to ask all the right questions. AdMall helped me understand what consumers for this industry are interested in and how they behave. I was also able to get insight on what other trends are showing for this industry specifically in [my] DMA. We sold them a local news sponsorship, a targeted television advertising campaign, and impressions in the streaming space.”

Result: A huge sale with room for growth in the future

Cooper crafted her campaign pitch for the door and window business by taking her time and doing her research about the industry, and the results speak for themselves. The company signed on with a $42,000 ad spend.

We have gotten the feedback [from the door and window business] that the entrance into the Raleigh market has been strong, and they are very happy with the growth trajectory,” said Cooper. “We are in the process of booking the account for their 2022 annual, so hopefully more revenue to come.”

Cooper had recommendations for anyone looking to utilize AdMall in a more efficient way.

Any media seller not utilizing AdMall in some way is really missing the key to the treasure chest,” said Cooper. “In a world where we all need more time, AdMall helps me cut down on the time I spend preparing for meetings and also helps make prospecting a breeze with the Local Account Locator and fun facts for me to use to grab their attention.”

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