AudienceSCAN Report Convinces Roofing Company to Venture into Digital Ad Space

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Communicating in a new COVID world

Patrick Wendell, digital marketing specialist for LOCALiQ, approached a roofing client that had only purchased print advertising, with the idea of branching out to the world of digital.

He specializes in roofing and has been doing it [in] a place with mostly older consumers and older, traditional homes,” said Wendell. “His biggest challenge is around communication right now. He still talks about leads he would get from the yellow pages back in the day, but he has been struggling with people looking for information in so many places. With COVID-​19 he realized that now may be his time to gain market share, but he did not know how.”

Solution: Showcase AdMall’s AudienceScan profile on roofing shoppers

Audience Intelligence is always key,” said Wendell. “’Top Factors People Consider’ is a great section when developing needs analysis questions. We always use the AudienceSCAN report to not only confirm internally the solutions we are presenting, but to show the client that we are using true, independent marketing data to drive our campaign recommendations.”

With his proposal in hand, Wendell pitched a 100% digital campaign to the print-​only roofing client.

We have designed a campaign that includes targeted digital display, Facebook management and advertising, as well as a significant search engine marketing campaign on both Google and Bing,” said Wendell.

Result: Early success with an expectation of growth

The client was impressed with Wendell’s presentation, and Wendell attributes his success to AdMall.

The [AudienceSCAN] research showing which advertising mediums worked best and how his roofing customers consumed data made us his first choice among the companies he was talking to. [He] agreed to a proposal in full during the first presentation.”

The campaigns are in the early stages, but he is already planning to increase based on his expectations of success. While we are designing his campaign to get three to ten new jobs monthly, one job will more than pay for the entire campaign on a monthly basis.”

The final contract amount was for $26,599.