Barbecue Chain Advertises for First Time, Buying $300,000 Worth of Advertising

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Dipping their toes into the market

Kristen Robinson, account executive at Spectrum Reach, had quite the run to end 2020. She was featured as a Sell Smarter! Award winner in Q1 of this year for a $54,000 sale she closed last year and is back again with one of the largest single sale awards we’ve had the privilege of giving out. This time, Robinson turned her attention to a local small business barbecue chicken chain.

[The barbecue business] is a quick-​service restaurant chain in North Carolina, serving fried chicken and eastern North Carolina barbecue,” said Robinson. “It has more than 40 locations in the state, as well as an online store. The owner is down to earth and friendly. It’s been a family owned and operated business for over 40 years.”

Being in the restaurant business for that long, one would assume they were utilizing effective marketing techniques to get the word out, however, it turned out they had never advertised in any way during those 40 years.

They have never advertised before, so had to start from scratch with everything,” said Robinson.”

She knew this would be a tricky venture, but Robinson was able to incorporate her skills as a sales rep and the invaluable resources at her disposable.

Solution: AdMall’s Digital Audit and Local Account Intelligence Report

Robinson had a simple solution to her challenge: Use AdMall’s sales tools.

Because of all the resources AdMall PRO has, I was able to apply them to my presentations and meetings [with the barbecue owner],” said Robinson. “I can honestly say, AdMall works and is a huge, daily help to me. Specifically, AdMall’s Digital Audit helped me close the digital [portion of the sale] for 2021, as there were improvements they needed to make in that area.”

Result: First-​time ad buy, with a mammoth annual contract

Remarkably, after 40 years of being in business and never advertising, Robinson’s pitch broke through to the barbecue business, and they decided to run a digital campaign with TV components. The final total for the sale was a staggering $300,000.

Robinson has a direct message for anyone not using AdMall to its full potential.

AdMall works and is very user friendly. It has so many tools for prospecting to dig deeper into a client or competitor. Why would you not use it!?”

AdMall’s Digital Audit will do a real-​time data capture of any client or prospect’s digital presence in less than a minute. Using real-​time big data to analyze the account’s activity and findability, the Digital Audit:

  • Lists digital advertising, local search, search engine optimization, social networking and incoming website traffic
  • Provides a digital opportunity score directing you to the accounts with the most revenue potential for digital marketing services
  • Compares the account’s use of digital advertising to the customers who intend to buy what they’re selling in the next 12 months
  • Compares the account’s digital presence to their top local competitors
  • Does in 60 seconds what would take you 60 minutes to do by hand
  • Incorporates data into tablet-​optimized sales presentations in AdMall PRO