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How to Recruit Top Gen Z Candidates

Have you fallen into the trap of believing that millennials and Gen Z job seekers are similar? That assumption would be a mistake when it’s time to recruit top Gen Z candidates.

Why You Should Use Sales Leadership Assessment Tests

To truly motivate and lead a department, new sales managers should come into their positions possessing specific talents, motivations and mindsets. Can you use sales leadership assessment tests to discover the strengths of the sales manager candidates who have applied for a position with you?

Why Sales Assessments Lead to Better Hiring

What is a sales assessment test and why should you use it in hiring? The answers to these questions are simple.

How to Hire Your Next Sales Manager

Are you struggling in your quest to hire your next sales manager, even after you review the results of the sales hiring assessment? We all know that the core functions of business are: the vision and development of the key product or service and selling.

Young Job Seekers View Tough Skills Tests Favorably

Last week, we posted anecdotal evidence about Gen Z job applicants and how they prefer an informal interview structure when they’re determining which company they want to work for. That evidence may be true to some extent, but young job seekers also favor tough skills tests.

Manage Smarter 112: Growing Through Amazon and Emerging Digital Pathways

Timothy Seward is the author of Ultimate Guide to Amazon Advertising and founder of ROI Revolution, a digital marketing agency. Timothy recognized the struggles business owners face in the digital world and decided to instill his expertise into the first (and currently, the only) published book on the art of Amazon advertising. In this episode, we discuss: ow Amazon is the new search engine; How to use Amazon for your company’s growth and acquisition opportunities; Why managers who ignore the digital revolution are at peril; and The growth of B2B sales via Amazon.

Should You Cater to the Unique Expectations of Younger Workers?

Are you paying enough attention to the unique expectations of younger workers? You may be managing employees with age ranges that span five generations.

Manage Smarter 111: Is Hire Slow, Fire Fast Terrible Advice?

Micah Rowland is COO of Fountain and an expert in people, teams and processes in the service industries. In this episode, we discuss: Why he feels "Hire Slow, Fire Fast" is Terrible Advice; The top reasons why companies have trouble hiring and firing; The areas managers are deficient in that cause hiring/firing issues within an organization; and Hiring/Firing techniques for startups.

How to Hire When Your Top Candidate is An Alumni Employee

In her Fast Company article, Gwen Moran discusses the pros and cons of hiring back an ex-employee. Is the top candidate for your open sales position an alumni employee?

How to Assess Sales Candidates

Plenty of people work in sales, but not so many people have formal college-level education and training in the field. Do you have a good digital sales assessment?

Are Your Behavioral Assessment Practices Legal?

Digitization and big data continue to transform the business world. Employers have taken to using a digital sales assessment system in a big way, and some company execs now have to ask themselves if their behavioral assessment practices are legal.

Are You Hiring Optimistic Sales Professionals?

Many experts believe optimistic sales professionals will improve the bottom line for any organization. Should you hire a sales professional who sees the glass as half full?

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