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Modern Customer Service that Helps Inspire Future Sales

52% of consumers say that they would happily pay more for both fast and efficient customer service, says Toby Nwazor, writing for CustomerThink. The norms of customer service are changing each year.

2 Tips to Inspire Client Loyalty

What was the customer service like from one of the brands you love the last time you reached out? Service is a big part of what inspired your client loyalty, isn’t it?

Are You Meeting Your Clients' Customer Service Needs?

How are you earning loyalty from your clients? Are you still giving them reasons to continue your business relationship by fulfilling their customer service needs?

Who or What is the Cause of Aggravation? Not You, Of Course!

It’s Saturday night around 6:00 p.m. Early dinner for Jessica, Gabrielle, and me.

Survey Fatigue: Avoid this a Lesser Known Danger to Your Response Rate

Engaging content is only a portion of what goes into earning more survey responses. Another aspect you need to be aware of is survey fatigue.

3 Tips to Earning More Survey Responses

Surveys can be troublesome. It takes so much time and energy to create and edit them to perfection and get them sent out that it’s depressing if you don’t get many responses. Even worse, you won’t be as well informed about your clients’ needs and wants if you don’t get responses.

This Step Influences 88% of Future Sales

After closing a sale, you may be tempted to just sit back and relax after a job well done. The thing is, you’re not done yet, and you won’t be until your sales relationship with that client ends.

Sales Pitches Should Be Personalized. Are Yours?

In sales, especially when commission is involved, there’s a focus on the number of sales made rather than the quality of a sale. Because of this, customer loyalty can be low and valuable components of a sale, such as customer service, are lost.

Does Your Customer Service Have a Devastating Lack of Humanity?

After you complete a sale, you probably won’t see your new client in person very often, if ever (if you even saw them in person to begin with). It can be difficult to keep the human aspect present in your business interactions after you make the sale. A lack of humanity can cause some clients to not think twice about switching to another company if a new deal comes along.

Don't Stop At the Sale: Tips For Continued Success

What got you into sales? For many, it’s the exciting thrill of pursuing, and winning, new business. But salespeople can be overly focused on a shiny new prospect, which can push their previously-won customers to the wayside.

3 Keys To Retaining Your Clients

What would you do if you lost your biggest client tomorrow? What have you done lately to ensure that doesn’t happen?

How to Avoid Becoming Old News to Your Clients

Are you out of sight and, therefore, out of mind when it comes to your clients? If you’re not engaging with your clients, what’s to stop them from considering your competition when it comes to call?

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