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Sales Experience

How to Make Your Sales Experience Stand Out

In a world full of products and services that are all too similar to someone else’s, how do you make yours stand out? Honestly, there’s no way to make your product or service appear obviously better than something similar. Here's what you can affect.

sales process

Does Your Sales Process Include These Key Steps?

What’s your sales process? If you didn’t automatically think of a specific set of steps you take in order to land every sale, you probably have a sales methodology instead. What’s the difference?

Selling on Autopilot

Are You Selling on Autopilot?

Do you have an “old reliable” selling method that has seen you through many a successful sale? There's another term for old reliable: selling on autopilot.

discovery calls

Discovery Calls: What To Do When You Hang Up

Discovery calls are a commonly-discussed sales topic, but not much is said about what to do directly after a call. Sure, you want to celebrate the new opportunity, but you also should do a few things to make sure the next steps in the sales process go smoothly.

Successful Sales

3 Tips to Encourage Customers to Buy Your Product

Your competition is the bane of your existence. You both offer similar products at the same price and always seem to be targeting the same prospects. What can you do to come out ahead during your next inevitable encounter?

clear differentiator

Is There a Clear Differentiator Between You and Your Competition?

Have you ever thought about how difficult the decision-making process is for your clients? Yes, your product or service could solve their present need to a T at a good price, but a handful of other companies also meet those qualifications. So, what makes you stand out as the obvious choice for your prospects?


Are Your Speech Habits Driving Away Prospects?

Have you ever been talking with someone knew and something about the way they spoke just made you want to get out of that conversation as quickly as possible? While your case hopefully isn’t that intense, there are a few speech habits many salespeople unknowingly possess that could be costing them sales.


4 Ways to Keep Your Sales Process from Becoming Obsolete

If, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” is ever uttered by a salesperson, it signals the beginning of a downward spiral in their career. Salespeople need to stay on top of their professional development, always doing what they can to stay ahead of the curve so that their methods don’t become predictable and boring.


Avoid this Embarrassing Sales Email Editing Mistake

Have you ever taken the time to edit your sales emails before you click send? Not just reading it over once for spelling and grammatical errors. Rob Reinalda, writing for Ragan, says that if you’ve edited your message correctly, you’ll have cut at least a few sentences in half.


Here’s Why Your Deal Stalled and How to Get it Back on Track

How did your last contact with a big prospect end? If you didn’t get a commitment from them to talk again, at a specific time, you may have a problem.


The First Step in the Sales Planning Process: Don't Freak the Prospect Out

Imagine, if you will, that you’re an executive of a company beginning a meeting with a salesperson you have never met before. They come in, shake your hand, and immediately reference an activity you enjoy that they had no way knowing, even from the items in your office.


I Spy a Sale

Remember playing I Spy when you were a kid? Before the tablet age, this was a classic parenting tactic to keep children entertained during a long car ride or a grown-up meal in public.

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