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Continue to Listen to Customers During Risky Times

If you are still hiding from your clients hoping that staying off their radar will keep them from cancelling their account with you, you are only hurting your business.

Successful Sales

3 Tips to Encourage Customers to Buy Your Product

Your competition is the bane of your existence. You both offer similar products at the same price and always seem to be targeting the same prospects. What can you do to come out ahead during your next inevitable encounter?

Customer Experience

Customer Experience: the Backbone of Future Sales

Selling your product is just the tip of the iceberg. Next comes the customer’s experience.

Sales Technique

The Best Sales Technique You can Use During a Pandemic

Financial concerns are at the forefront of everyone’s minds during the pandemic. You may think that slashing prices is the best way to land sales right now, but in actuality, you only need to fine-tune one of your sales techniques.


Who or What is the Cause of Aggravation? Not You, Of Course!

It’s Saturday night around 6:00 p.m. Early dinner for Jessica, Gabrielle, and me.


Are Your Apologies Actually Provoking Clients to Leave?

Apologizing is an art form that is the backbone of customer service when things take a turn for the worst. Yet, many people don’t know how to effectively apologize to their customers, therefore potentially jeopardizing that business relationship.


30 Question To Uncover The Best Leads

The best sales reps know how to ask questions. Particularly during the lead discovery phase, good questions can keep you from pursuing the wrong prospects. They can also keep the conversation going with prospects you’d like to pursue.


Are You Matching Your Sales Strategy to the Situation?

Has your sales training taught you to take control of a prospect meeting? As a challenger salesperson, your goal might be to disrupt the prospect’s mindset.

Ask These Questions to Qualify Leads, Learn More

One of the best ways to get to really know a prospect is to ask questions. So, why don’t more salespeople take the time to do so? It may be because they already feel that they know everything. Or, they don’t even know what to ask.


Prospects have rules. Follow them to make an easy sale.

When you make a presentation, you’re not the only one with expectations. The person you’re presenting to has as many or more than you. Are you aware of them?


Your Customer Service Reputation Depends on This 1 Thing

Think about the last time you bought something for yourself. After doing some initial research yourself, you probably asked some friends if they’ve had any experience with the product or service you were considering. Their answers were probably a make-or-break for your decision, right?


Why You Should Listen With All Of Your Senses

Have you ever felt like you’re not quite clicking with a prospect?

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