Category: Solving/Collaborating the Buyer

Using Insight Selling to Close More Sales

Insight selling focuses on the prospect. The salesperson doesn’t tell the prospect what they need to do, the salesperson guides the prospect in the right direction and help them figure out the best course of action themselves.

Which Sales Method Should You be Using?

Customer centricity is the key to sales; everyone knows that. But did you know that there are nine sales methods to choose from?

How To Discuss Competitors In A Sales Conversation

Talking about competitors with prospects is tricky. You need to tread carefully so that you don’t seem unprofessional but yet you don’t want to sing their praises either.

What's Decision Intelligence and Why Aren't You Using It to Sell?

During your pitch, your main goal is probably to try to convince your prospect to buy what you’re selling. While that’s how most salespeople sell, Dr. Roy Whitten and Scott Roy recommend a different approach: decision intelligence.

The End isn't the End: It's an Opportunity

Defeat can sometimes be phrased as, “Thank you for your consideration.” However, if you’re careful with your wording, your response to the prospect who claims they’ve chosen another vendor could still be an opportunity for you.

How to Beat the Competition When Selling

It happens all the time in sales. You find you need to beat the competition.

Are You Using Need-Based Selling To Help Your Prospects

Even if you go into a sale with the primary goal of aiding the prospect using your product or service, that may not always be apparent to them. Salespeople tend to have a negative reputation for being money-centered, so you need to clearly communicate your honorable intentions using need-based selling.

How to Show Prospects Your Value

Are you encountering prospects who seem to know plenty about you, your company and your products before you talk with them? When they have so much information in advance, how can you show prospects your value?

The Top Negotiation Tactics Used ON You!

Sure, you’ve studied sales negotiation tactics to implement, but have you ever thought about the tactics that prospects use on you?

Need to Uncover ROI? Ask These Questions

The benefits of showing a strong ROI (return on investment) are well known, but some in the industry struggle with measuring and presenting their valuable impact.

Here’s Why Your Deal Stalled and How to Get it Back on Track

How did your last contact with a big prospect end? If you didn’t get a commitment from them to talk again, at a specific time, you may have a problem.

Don't Let Price Objections Derail the Sale

Price objections aren’t limited to just one industry. No matter what you’re selling, you’ll likely encounter more than one customer who doesn’t agree with your pricing.

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