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Educate the Buyer

Educate the Buyer and You'll Land More Sales

A long list of information that goes in one of your prospect’s ears and out the other is not the proper way to use facts to sell to them. You have to educate the buyer.

customer reviews

Customer Reviews Can Boost Credibility

Customer reviews are valuable to salespeople in a variety of ways to drive sales, especially when it comes to establishing trust. Despite this, salespeople still don’t ask for reviews, let alone use any testimonials that come their way.

credibility gap

The Credibility Gap & Why You MUST Close It

Closing the credibility gap is an important part of the sales process. Most likely, you won’t be familiar with every new prospect you come across, so it’s necessary to establish your credibility if you want to make the sale.


You Probably Aren't Making the Most of Your Reviews

Getting reviews from your clients is only half the battle. Making sure they’re seen, and in the best light, is another beast entirely.

Easy Steps To Boost Customer Retention

Increasing competition always makes customer retention even more vital than it already is. Sales reps, to be successful, must spend adequate effort to keep current clients.


Prevent Price Objections With These Pro Tips

Salespeople in every industry face objections. And in the auto industry, one of the most common complaints involves the seller’s the trade-in offer.

You CAN Master Upselling & Cross-Selling! Here's How

The most successful reps know that there is an art to the upsell and cross-sell. But, don’t think that it’s a difficult technique that only a few can do. Not only does upselling boost your earnings but it can also secure loyalty.


Why Transparency is Better than Perfection in Sales

Dishonest. It’s one of the words you want to be described as the least while pitching a sale, but is probably how you’re coming off if you’re trying to paint your product or service as perfect, no matter what. That’s the advice Todd Caponi gives salespeople in a recent SellingPower article.


2 Reasons Your Prospects May Not Trust You

James Rores, founder and CEO of Floriss Group, says that 97% of salespeople are not viewed as trustworthy by prospective clients. Instead, they’re seen as self-centered, pushy, and manipulative. Why does this happen?

4 Ways to Become An "Irresistible" Sales Rep

If asked, most salespeople would say they want to be irresistible to buyers. But being irresistible, according to sales pro Marc Wayshak, doesn’t necessarily come naturally.


Developing strategic referral alliances. WOW!

Are you willing to refer your clients or customers to someone else? Is someone else willing to refer their clients or customers to you? Yes, if there is mutual trust.


How to Boost Your Sales Using Decision Intelligence

When you talk to customers, what are you fundamentally trying to do?” That is the question SellingPower recommends asking yourself when reflecting on your sales strategy.

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