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You CAN Master Upselling & Cross-Selling! Here's How

The most suc­cess­ful reps know that there is an art to the upsell and cross-sell. But, don’t think that it’s a dif­fi­cult tech­nique that only a few can do. Not only does upselling boost your earn­ings but it can also secure loy­al­ty.

Why Transparency is Better than Perfection in Sales

Dis­hon­est. It’s one of the words you want to be described as the least while pitch­ing a sale, but is prob­a­bly how you’re com­ing off if you’re try­ing to paint your prod­uct or ser­vice as per­fect, no mat­ter what. That’s the advice Todd Caponi gives sales­peo­ple in a recent Sell­ing­Pow­er arti­cle.

2 Reasons Your Prospects May Not Trust You

James Rores, founder and CEO of Floriss Group, says that 97% of sales­peo­ple are not viewed as trust­wor­thy by prospec­tive clients. Instead, they’re seen as self-cen­tered, pushy, and manip­u­la­tive. Why does this hap­pen?

4 Ways to Become An "Irresistible" Sales Rep

If asked, most sales­peo­ple would say they want to be irre­sistible to buy­ers. But being irre­sistible, accord­ing to sales pro Marc Wayshak, doesn’t nec­es­sar­i­ly come nat­u­ral­ly.

Developing strategic referral alliances. WOW!

Are you will­ing to refer your clients or cus­tomers to some­one else? Is some­one else will­ing to refer their clients or cus­tomers to you? Yes, if there is mutu­al trust.

How to Boost Your Sales Using Decision Intelligence

When you talk to cus­tomers, what are you fun­da­men­tal­ly try­ing to do?” That is the ques­tion Sell­ing­Pow­er rec­om­mends ask­ing your­self when reflect­ing on your sales strat­e­gy.

Authenticity Is Not A Sales Strategy

"Be authen­tic" has become the most tossed around and over-used cliché in the world of busi­ness and sales. Authen­tic­i­ty is not a sales strat­e­gy!

What to Do When a Client is Angry

It’s hap­pened. One of your clients is upset. How you han­dle bad sit­u­a­tions is going to deter­mine whether your client will decide to con­tin­ue giv­ing you their busi­ness.

You Messed Up: How to Make Things Right

You aren’t always going to be right. That’s a tough pill to swal­low, espe­cial­ly for sales­peo­ple, who typ­i­cal­ly have a lot of pride and con­fi­dence. But, it’s going to hap­pen.

These Are Not Business Differentiators

The crowd­ed envi­ron­ment that pro­fes­sion­als face today is intense, and it has nev­er been more chal­leng­ing to attract clients and close new busi­ness. These changes are so sig­nif­i­cant that your busi­ness won’t sur­vive with­out true dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion.

Connecting With The Head and The Heart

Con­nect­ing with some­one requires under­stand­ing them and their inter­ests as well as show­ing them how you are a rel­e­vant resource to them. Con­nect­ing with the head or intel­lect falls into two areas: cred­i­bil­i­ty and activ­i­ty.

How to Build a Client's Trust Using Two Simple Methods

You’d rather buy just about any­thing from a friend rather than a stranger, right? Here are a few tips for how to achieve that kind of trust­ing busi­ness rela­tion­ship with your clients.

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