Children’s Book Gifting Program Buys Digital Ads Thanks to AdMall

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Spreading the right message

Jordan Estes, a multimedia account executive for The Statesville Record & Landmark, had a unique situation when she approached one of her clients, a local children’s book gifting program.

The [business is] for young children and is our county resource for childcare providers and parents with children ages one to five into kindergarten,” said Estes. “It is composed of a bunch of wonderful ladies who run the center.”

With their Dolly Parton Imagination Library program, they always face a challenge of getting the word out. The program is a free program for kids ages one to five. Once you sign up your child, they receive a free book every month. So, most people think there is a cost behind it for them, or they don’t exactly believe the program.”

Solution: Digital Audit and Presentation Tools Score Banner Ad Sale

Estes has used AdMall for over two years now and loves running a Digital Audit before approaching any client.

My favorite part is the digital audits on the presentations,” said Estes. “It helps me grab the attention of customers who think they just want print. Once I show them how consumers are interacting online, they typically will add some digital in also.”

Estes had no trouble convincing the children's book gifting program owners that their current campaign could use a digital upgrade.

I sold them 1/​4‑page color print ads and our local banners on our website,” said Estes.

Result: Positive word from the children's book client

According to Estes, “the campaign will still be running for another month, but we are getting a lot of click throughs with their banner ads and they did go up in spend by $3000.”

The campaign was worth $4858 and ran for three consecutive months.