Are Your Client Success Stories Full of "Lifeless Facts"?

BY Jessica Helinski

Success stories from clients are a fantastic way to attract new business. They can reveal the effectiveness of your product or service while putting prospects' minds at ease by touting your credibility and professionalism. But, many salespeople are clueless as to what makes a true  testimonial. According to Jim Signorelli, in a Business 2 Community article, many testimonials are nothing more than a bunch of “lifeless facts” that have no real relevance to prospects.

Instead of relying on these types of success stories, consider Signorelli’s suggestions for crafting a success story that will get prospects to sign on. He writes about the “3R Method,” noting that this method will help you write stories that “will turn a lifeless, factual success report into an engaging success story.”


Your stories need to be relatable–not just a blanket success story that is shared with prospect after prospect. It’s important, Signorelli notes, that you draw parallels between the problem a client is facing and the one the story is describing. “Don’t leave it up to your prospect to find the relevance,” he explains. “Use words like ‘just like you,’ or ‘similar to what you’ve experienced…’.

The ‘You’ word is one of the most important, if not the most important word in your presentation.”


Avoid generalizing and simplifying in success stories. Instead of writing “all it took was our product to turns things around,” explain how you came across the solution to the client’s problem and how that solution was applied successfully. If possible, share how you worked with the client to come to a solution (this reveals your ability to collaborate well). “Above all else, show how your solution is similar to a solution that your audience would be interested in,” he writes. “Help your audience see themselves sharing the same insight.”

Check out Signorelli’s full article for the third “R” in the three-​step process. His insights and suggestions can help you write success stories that will intrigue, educate and inspire your prospects!