Close More Sales Through Consultative Selling, Expertise

BY Jessica Helinski
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Are you selling something highly specific? Is your product or service most valuable to a certain niche of buyers? That is definitely the case with tire dealers who sell small off-​the-​road (OTR) tires and closing these sales can be tough. Modern Tire Dealer recently asked OTR tire manufacturers just what salespeople can do to clinch more dollars from this category. 

Consultative selling

Michael Dembe, executive director of product management for construction at Camso Inc., believes that a consultative approach to selling these products will lead to success. He cautions against going for the “quick sale,” and dealers should instead really get to know their customers’ needs by asking questions. Work closely with the manufacturer to find out which tire solution would be best, and then, make the recommendation. “It’s a market with a lot of opportunities where you can separate yourself from competition by becoming a solution provider and OTR expert,” Dembe explains. He also points out that this type of selling will not only ensure a satisfied customer, but also encourage loyalty. 

Encourage loyalty

In regard to maintaining that loyalty, Eric Matson, global field engineering manager for Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., recommends dealers implement maintenance programs. Likely, customers will want to get the most out of their tires, which involves regular maintenance, and repair when necessary. Services included in the program can be valuable, convenient tasks like proper inflation, stone removal and water management. “End users will want to do everything within their power to optimize tire performance and longevity, he says. Help them achieve that, and maintain loyalty, by offering a maintenance program. 

Be knowledgeable

Also, do your research and keep up on both industry trends and your own market. “In this age of internet, there is nothing more powerful than a dealer that actually knows their customer and what can make that customer more efficient and effective in their operation,” says Bruce Besancon, vice president of OTR sales for Yokohama Tire Corp. Your expertise on materials, manufacturers and design can set you apart from other dealers, as well as increase customer satisfaction. 

While the industry can be tough due to its specific type of buyer, dealers can drive sales of OTR tires by heeding the advice of industry professionals. Take their advice seriously and become your market’s go-​to resource both for and after the sale.