Co-​op Dollars Harvest Fruitful ROI for Equipment Dealer

BY Courtney Huckabay
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Challenge: Equipment dealer needs to get the word out about a demo day 

Bradley Toy's Town Money Saver franchise serves the rural community of Central Kentucky. He knows his client base well and continuously looks for ways his agricultural advertisers can maximize their campaign dollars. It also helps that he has 27+ years of media sales experience under his belt. One such farm/​agricultural equipment dealer had a special event coming up, and Toy turned to AdMall to rev up this account's marketing.

"They sell Ferris and Toyo products under co-​op," Toy explained. "They are a sole proprietorship that has a large revenue base in Central Kentucky. It is a current account with me." 

Solution: Cultivate the account with AdMall's co-​op reimbursement details 

"I used the co-​op reports to generate a direct mail post card that the company mailed in all my markets," Toy said. "And I used the phone numbers from AdMall for the dealers." 

Result: A $4,328.63 mailing spreads the word 

The post card ran in Winchester and Mt. Sterling. "They were very pleased with the result," Toy relayed feedback from the equipment dealer. "They sold 17 units from the advertising."  

"I've been using AdMall for about 15 years. The co-​op department is definitely my favorite."