Co-​op Dollars Land the Deal for Texas MSO

BY Courtney Huckabay
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Challenge: New farm supply store/​cooperative owner lacks marketing savvy

Account Executive Jeannie Evans called on a small local feed store in her Longview, Texas territory for Suddenlink. The business operator told her he had no money for marketing. Having sold media for more than four years, she was not going to let that objection stand in her way.

The owner is a veteran who believes in shopping local,” Evans explained. “He had just bought the store and wasn’t sure about marketing.”

Solution: Education through AdMall’s co-​op intelligence reports

Evans knew she could offer help and guidance to the green business owner by taking a consultative sales approach. “Using AdMall I not only generated co-​op money from one of their vendors, but from over five,” Evans said. “I’ve been using AdMall for three years, and I love being able to locate co-​op dollars for potential clients.” Evans mentioned she’s a regular user of the AdMall mobile app too.

Result: $2,000 worth of new business

The feed store owner purchased spots during live sports, that included Monday Night Football and NCAA bowl packages.

AdMall is a great help in finding money to turn potential clients into buying customers.”

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