Cold Calling Isn't Dead But…

BY Jessica Helinski
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Cold calling is a tried and true technique used by sales reps for years. While many in the industry say that cold calling is dead, others argue that’s simply not true. But, to stand out in today’s market, reps should include other methods in their prospecting strategy. “While it's likely naive to say cold calling is never effective, useful, or necessary, it's crucial to elevate the rest of your prospecting strategy so it's never your go-​to tactic,” writes HubSpot’s Richard Stephens. As the sales world and buyers evolve, reps need to move away from relying solely on cold calls. There are plenty of alternatives that are just as, if not more, effective.

Stephens lists 17 alternatives to help generate leads, including:

  • Share interesting content across social media platforms, blogs, etc. Once you develop a following, you won’t have to look far for potential leads. You’ll already be considered a credible resource, so tapping into this natural source of leads will be easier than making a cold call.
  • Offer short free consultations that center around your expertise. “Once you've earned credibility and trust with a potential customer and delved into their challenges, explain how your product can help,” Stephens suggests.
  • Create a series of prospecting emails that help inbound leads gain helpful information. Rather than focus on your typical sales pitch, position these emails as learning tools for buyers during their research and discovery process.
  • Ask your happiest customers to give a referral. This is a quick, easy (and free!) way to get the word out about your product or service, as well as position you as a credible and valuable vendor.
  • Make a video that discusses an important issue or challenge that you are equipped to handle. At the end, ask viewers to submit their own questions or challenges for you to discuss in future videos.

These approaches will shift your reliance away from cold calls, helping create a well-​rounded prospecting strategy. By using a variety of techniques, you position yourself for greater success in the ever-​changing world of sales.