Consumers Are Noticing OOH Ads

BY Kathy Crosett
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After issuing dire predictions about many sectors of the advertising economy, industry analysts say consumers are noticing OOH ads. Early in the COVID-​19 pandemic, ad industry watchers predicted a difficult season for the out-​of-​home media industry. While ad spending may have plummeted in the second quarter in the OOH sector, the situation has changed. Consumers may not be driving to the office these days, but they are embracing their love of being out in the fresh air. This mindset will benefit OOH media sellers.

Where Consumers Are Noticing OOH Ads

A new survey of 2,000 U.S. adults, jointly conducted by the Out of Home Advertising Association of America and The Harris Poll, shows that 45% of consumers are paying attention to OOH advertising these days more than they were in the pre-​pandemic days. The OOH format includes billboard, digital video screens and messaging on street furniture.

After months of being cooped up, 68% of consumers told researchers they are happy to look at something other than their phones. In fact, they’re not paying as much attention to mobile messaging.

At least 65% of consumers are driving around regularly and provide a good audience for OOH messaging. Around 40% walk more than they did last year. In addition, the survey indicates that residents of large cities are more likely than rural residents to notice OOH ads.

This trend is important for marketers who need to connect with shoppers in new ways. If your clients haven't tried a small or large billboard, now may be the best time. Whether the message appears on a digital or static billboard, consumers will notice, especially if the ad contains a call to action. 

Consumers are definitely paying attention to details of OOH advertising. In particular, 23% noticed special offers and promotions, and the same percentage was educated about something new. Shoppers have shown their willingness to try new products and services. Nearly half, 24%, of the 43% who tried new products, will stay with the brands for the long term. If you're working with a new brand, the OOH format may give your client the reach they need to increase their customer base.

Holiday Travel Will Take Place by Personal Vehicle

Consumers really want to get away. But many people worry that the air quality on airplanes, trains and subways isn’t safe. At least 65% of consumers are planning a road trip during the upcoming holiday season, and they will make a great audience for your client’s OOH promotions.

Historically, local restaurants, amusement and service businesses have been strong advertisers in the OOH space. But, other verticals such as telecommunications have found success using this format, according to the OAAA.

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