More Consumers Read About Driverless Cars than Shop for Them

BY Courtney Huckabay
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"The rate of connectivity is increasing substantially every year. For example, in 2011 there were only two vehicle models with Internet access as standard. This year, it will be 133 models, with another 69 in which Net access can be added as an option. This compares to 173 vehicle models this year without Internet access, according to a new study by Kelley Blue Book."

"In this context, the average car on the road today is more than 11 years old," Chuck Martin writes. "Meaning that most cars are unconnected from the Internet."

Consumers seem to be more interested in READING about connected cars than buying them, so focus advertising around education. AudienceSCAN found 6.1% of Americans said their favorite types of magazine and/​or newspaper sections are the automotive sections.

"While major car companies like BMW and tech companies like Google and Apple forge ahead with creating driverless cars, the consumer appetite for such cars is hardly there, even among millennials, according to the Kelley study. Here’s the demographic split of consumers who do not believe they will ever own a self-​driving car:"

  • 60% — Millennial (15–35)
  • 66% — Gen X (35–55 years old)
  • 77% — Baby boomer (61–69)
  • 88% — Silent generation (70–90 years old)

"There seems to be quite a gap from where consumers are today compared to where technology is going tomorrow."

"For example, while consumers are concerned about car hacking in the future, other issues are top of mind today. In fact, just about all other issues are more of a concern to consumers than their car being hacked. Here are the top safety concerns relating to consumers while driving a car:"

Curb their fears with marketing campaigns. Dealers can talk to Automotive News Readers in TV commercials. AudienceSCAN found 49% of Auto Readers took action after watching a spot in the past month.

  • 84% — Distracted driving (people texting or talking on phones)
  • 74% — Impaired drivers (like drunk drivers)
  • 45% — Mechanical-​related problems (like brake failure)
  • 41% — Weather-​related problems (snow, hurricanes)
  • 24% — Road rage
  • 19% — Tire-​related problems (getting a flat)
  • 17% — Animal-​related problems (hitting one)
  • 6% — Injured by air bag
  • 4% — Car vulnerability to hackers

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