Customer Feedback Can Fuel Sales, Loyalty

BY Jessica Helinski
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Customer feedback, as most salespeople know, is essential to building more business and establishing loyalty. But, it can be difficult to determine when to procure feedback. “…in order to know which particular features of a service are working for consumers, and which are not, collecting detailed and honest customer feedback is of paramount importance,” writes Chanakya Kyatham in a Business 2 Community article

Customer feedback: The right time to ask

Your timing of garnering feedback can have an impact on the amount and quality that you receive. Kyatham points out different times that can maximize your chances of getting great feedback. 

  • Immediately after a purchase. A lot of salespeople already know that post-​purchase is a good time to request a testimonial or review. The purchase experience will be fresh in the buyer’s mind, and requesting customer feedback can easily be integrated into the end-​of-​deal dialogue. This timing is particularly beneficial for products and services that can immediately be bought and used. 
  • A few weeks after purchase. “In some cases, it is ideal to wait for a few days or weeks before getting more feedback from customers,” Kyatham explains. “Customers need some time to access the service, use it, and experience it fully, so as to have an opinion of it.” In these cases, salespeople can reach out after they’re sure the product or service has been used, resulting in helpful, honest feedback. 
  • Before and after changes and updates. Reach out for customer feedback any time that a product is updated or changed. Not only will you receive feedback you can highlight in the future for testimonials, you also can get some valuable insight that can guide your customer service. 

These, and the other tips for requesting customer feedback can help you determine when the best time is to reach out. And remember, the day of the week can have an impact on when you can successfully reach out. The SalesFuel Selling to SMBs report found that Wednesday is the day buyers say is the best time to reach them. 

So, the next time you seek customer feedback, pay attention to timing and create a plan to reach out when your request will be most efficient. As Kyatham writes, “customer feedback can thus change the game for any company. [But] it is important to consider the most feasible and best time to get valuable and honest feedback.”

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