Cycling Studios to Promote Online Classes

BY Rachel Cagle
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"The popularity of some workouts waver as consumer interests change, but indoor cycling has long since proven itself a staple fitness trend set to stay," reports Club Industry. Cycling enthusiasts can't get together at the local gym for their usual classes these days, but local cycling studios can promote their online classes. 

The Club Industry report indicates that the booming music so popular at studios in the past has been replaced by technology. Instructors now serve as coaches who work to optimize performance. This goal may be more difficult to achieve with class members who work out at home now, but coaches can encourage them to track improvement with their smart watches.

Coaches are "working with higher levels of EQ and soft skills, ensuring … the most individualized positive member experience for each and every person."

According to AudienceSCAN, Bicyclists/​Spinners are 70% more likely than other consumers to want to switch to a new gym. This gives cycling gyms an opportunity to target these Bicyclists/​Spinners with digital and traditional advertisements and to promote their online programs. 

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