Develop Emotional Intelligence In Sales To Stand Out From the Crowd

BY Jessica Helinski
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Sellers who develop emotional intelligence can stand out from competitors to close more deals with buyers. It allows them to nurture deeper engagement with prospects and clients. They can also communicate more efficiently to demonstrate the value of their solution. 

And these benefits aren’t just anecdotal; research has shown the powerful effect emotional intelligence (EI) has on sales. 

Why develop emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and understand emotions — both your own and the emotions of others,” SalesFuel’s Tim Londergan explains.

And don’t think that emotions simply refer to one’s mood. As Pipedrive points out, “Emotions can take the form of desires, fears, aspirations, or personal values.”

All of these factors impact a buyer’s decision-​making. And they also impact how the seller conducts themself. 

The image the seller projects can heavily influence their success rate. Sellers who have a healthy emotional intelligence have the opportunity to stand out among peers. The ability to differentiate in an increasingly crowded market is more important now than ever. 

How does it help sellers stand out?

It’s beneficial to develop emotional intelligence in sales because it allows sellers to expertly take on objections. By understanding the underlying emotions that can drive objections, emotionally intelligent reps are more prepared. 

Jennifer Dublino, writing for Business​.com, explains that sellers with high emotional intelligence benefit from being in tune to the concerns a buyer may have. This allows for a more empathetic approach to objections. 

Empathizing with customers about their concerns and understanding their points of view can make it easier to address their issues.”

Reps can easily validate their concerns by showing they understand. But they can also mitigate those concerns by effectively countering them. 

Conversely, other sellers without emotional intelligence may view objections as something negative. They may not have enough control of their own emotions and respond defensively. 

They won’t be as connected with how the buyer is feeling and unable to understand what is motivating the objection. This lack of understanding keeps them from directly addressing those concerns. 

Build authentic rapport easily

Another benefit to sellers who develop emotional intelligence is the ability to develop genuine rapport with buyers. They have a true interest in getting to know a prospect beyond just the basics of their business. 

As SalesFuel found, buyers want to work with reps who are authentic and care about their business. The ability to demonstrate this care can be key to standing out from other vendors. 

They also are able to read others easily. This social skill, according to Pipedrive, is one that is often overlooked but very valuable. 

[It’s] learning how to interact meaningfully with others so that you can persuade without being pushy …”

Dublino agrees, noting that sellers with high emotional intelligence recognize cues from buyers and adjust their approach. 

Someone with empathy is better at reading a prospect’s signals and can adapt their pitch accordingly.”

Doing so positions the seller as more than just a salesperson. They distance themselves from the stereotype of a pushy seller and instead become a trusted advisor. They show they care about the prospect and can adapt to better align with what the prospect wants and needs. 

How to increase your own emotional intelligence

Thankfully, it is completely possible to develop emotional intelligence. It is a soft skill that sellers can not only build but also continue to grow. 

SalesFuel shares expert tips for sellers who are interested in growing their own emotional intelligence. This advice offers guidance for recognizing opportunities to nurture emotional intelligence and how to apply it into a sales strategy. 

And remember, these are skills that you can grow throughout your entire career. You’ll find that you’ll stand out from other sellers and prospects will respond to this more nuanced, personal approach.

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