Digital Specialist Revs Up Competitive Edge for Powersports Retailer

BY Rachel Cagle
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Challenge: Locally-​owned business faces new competition from big-​name retailer

A local powersports dealer in Hickory, North Carolina suddenly found themselves in a crisis. A big chain powersports dealer had set up shop only a mile away. And the store was in a more visible location. This new competition, combined with the cooler and wetter weather this past spring, resulted in a decrease in the local business’s numbers.

Many advertisers claimed to be able to help the company’s general manger with various traditional ads. But it was Leah Harrelson, digital sales specialist at Hickory Daily Record, who truly knew the strategy her prospect had to use.

Solution: Use local and industry knowledge to utilize co-​op more effectively

With the help of AdMall’s co-​op opportunity reports, local account information, and a digital audit, Harrelson created a proposal to sell her prospect’s niche products. She suggested utilizing the company’s co-​op dollars to advertise on Find it Local (Hickory Daily Record’s directory, listing and reputation services), SEM and targeted display to create a more competitive edge.

Even though the powersports dealer hadn’t worked with Hickory Daily Record previously, the prospect became Harrelson’s client.

Result: An increase in overall traffic, calls and interest

After a few weeks, the general manger was pleased to report that traffic, calls and interest numbers were increasing. His business had begun to regain its competitive edge. He continues to do business with Harrelson, spending roughly $858 a month on ads.

I know without a doubt that we wouldn’t have had this sale without the tools provided by AdMall,” says Harrelson. “It is so nice to have these tools to do some background work. This way, even when it isn’t a formal proposal, we are knowledgeable about their [the client’s] industry. This helps set myself and my team aside from other marketing tactics and firms.”