Digital Sales Specialist Makes His Case and Wins a $35,000 Sale

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: How to enrich a growing company’s portfolio

Growing a business is only sustainable when there’s substance to back it up. Bigger isn’t always better. Digital sales specialist Michael Kupniewski, of the Erie Times-​News, was well aware of this when he reached out to a local real estate attorney.

While they experienced significant growth over the past four years, they continually strive to make themselves not just a bigger company but a stronger one,” said Kupniewski.

Solution: Show the business owners where they can improve their digital efforts

Kupniewski needed hard evidence to convince the attorney’s office that he could assist them in growing their business. That’s when he turned to AdMall’s Digital Audit. As a sales rep with more than 13 years of experience, Kupniewski combined his expertise with the power of data to present his ideas to the owners.

Specifically, Kupniewski narrowed in on the company’s Local Search Alignment and SEO sections of the Digital Audit. He was able to show the owners how well they were performing with their current digital efforts using the alignment score, and then by using the SEO section of the report, how to make their homepage be more visible on the top three search engines used by their target audience. In this way he demonstrated how to get his client’s name in front of the people they most wanted to reach.

Result: An increased ROI leads to case closed

The total annual spend for the successful sale amounted to $35,000. As for the real estate attorneys, after kicking off the new campaign, they noticed an increase in client inquiries within 45 days.