Disrupting Sales Management through Adaptive Sales Coaching™

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New data from SalesFuel shows that disrupting sales management via a unique concept called Adaptive Sales Coaching™ can boost team performance and revenue. Adaptive Sales Coaching combines adaptive learning and microlearning to encourage buy-​in from both the salesperson and the sales manager for better, faster collaboration and team-​focused results.

According to the 2017 Sales Manager Enablement Report from CSO Insights, win rates are 35% higher using a formal coaching process compared to leaving coaching up to the managers on their own. Additionally, in SalesFuel’s 2017 Voice of the Sales Rep study, only 19% of salespeople, or 1 in 5, receive customized coaching personalized to their unique needs.

What keeps sales managers from providing more coaching? Most say they don’t have time to coach their reps. Others simply won’t admit they don’t know what to coach reps on or even how to coach them at all. "There IS a new solution to all these perennial roadblocks. SalesFuel has developed a product called SalesFuel COACH to easily and quickly address sales managers’ coaching challenges. It uses this concept of Adaptive Sales Coaching – a combination of adaptive learning and microlearning."

SalesFuel’s new free white paper, “Disrupting Sales Management through Adaptive Sales Coaching: Better Coaching Leads to Better Sales,” addresses these challenges facing managers and explains how the new disruptive concept of Adaptive Sales Coaching can be the solution.

The paper also includes:
• The definition of Adaptive Sales Coaching and its impact on both sales teams and revenue
• Statistics on improved “win rates” with a formal sales coaching program
• The power of microlearning
• Why and how adaptive learning is crucial to staff retention
• Why the combination of microlearning and adaptive learning is disruptive
• How Adaptive Sales Coaching can change company culture and work environment
• How the SalesFuel COACH platform is designed to easily implement Adaptive Sales Coaching

SalesFuel COACH is a platform we’ve created that delivers this type of coaching by first identifying the skill gaps of each employee,” says SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith. “Some examples of skill gaps could include prospecting, discovery, closing, mining social media, email messaging, etc. This enables sales managers to adapt coaching to specific employee needs and deliver it in short, frequent bursts that establish a coaching cadence. The white paper shows the ROI of this new approach for today’s sales workplace.”