Do This At The Pump To Drive In-​Store Traffic

BY Jessica Helinski
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Approximately 75% of convenience store customers are there solely to buy gas. What can you do to get them from the pump to your store? Plenty, according to GSP’s Steven Cohen. In a recent article, he urges store owners to be proactive about influencing more in-​store purchases. Considering 73% of fuel buyers spend more than five minutes at the fuel pump, use this “prime pump real estate” to capture fuel buyers’ attention and get them through your doors. He shares five easy ways you can do this; three are below:

Signage that speaks. 

You have a captive audience at the pump, so don’t waste this opportunity. Grab their attention with signage that sparks interest, tells a story and appeals to their lifestyle. Graphics, colors and other design elements should be eye-​catching and tell stories, and Cohen suggests aligning themes with current and upcoming holidays and seasons. 

Rewards get attention.

Considering fuel rewards are important to 73% of consumers, make sure to communicate any money-​saving programs you offer. Use the area around the pump to highlight loyalty programs, which can boost in-​store visits and new sign-ups. 

Be the one-​stop for lunch.

Stations receive the most traffic weekdays, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.,” Cohen writes. “Capitalize on afternoon dayparting campaigns and/​or promote grab and go menu offerings near the pump.” Educate consumers about special lunchtime offerings and deals, and emphasize that your store is the perfect one-​stop shop. Most lunch breaks are shorter than an hour, so communicating easy, fast service can drive more visitors. 

Every store owner has the power to convert fuel visits to in-​store purchases. Your fuel pumps offer the perfect opportunity to catch the consumer’s eye and entice them to come inside. Use Cohen’s advice to make your signage effectively increase the foot traffic to your registers.