Eradicate The "No Time For Sales Coaching" Epidemic! Disruptive New Adaptive Sales Coaching™ Platform Can Be The Key To Unlocking A 35% Increase In Win Rates

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SalesFuel® COACH uses digital assessments to avoid costly hiring mistakes, help sales managers 10x team performance

SalesFuel®, providing sales teams with the power to Sell Smarter® since 1989, announces the launch of SalesFuel® COACH, a data-​driven, adaptive sales coaching platform designed for sales managers to reveal and bridge the skill gaps that challenge their sales teams from getting to the next level. 

Did you know that sales managers only devote an average of 8% of their time to coaching their salespeople [The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness, Kevin F. Davis]? In fact, this “no time for sales coaching epidemic” is so widespread that less than 20% of all salespeople receive any form of personalized coaching to enable their success [Voice of the Sales Rep study, SalesFuel, 2017]. However, according to research from CSO Insights, a salesperson’s success in closing deals (“win rates”) is 35% higher when using a formal coaching process, compared to leaving it up to managers to do it on their own.

If sales managers don’t have time to coach their reps, how will they even find time to replace them?” says C. Lee Smith, CEO at SalesFuel®. “Our new platform, SalesFuel® COACH, overcomes the number one obstacle to effective sales coaching – time constraints and scheduling conflicts – all while keeping new sales talent from becoming frustrated by lack of desired feedback and development opportunities.” 

Built on scientific assessments, SalesFuel® COACH enables managers to recognize what keeps each rep from selling more and getting to the next level. It provides a continually-​updated, personalized playbook for each member of their sales team. 

Gone are the days of hour-​long training seminars that remove your salespeople from the field and distract them from the primary tasks at hand – following up on leads and securing sales. SalesFuel® COACH is Adaptive Sales Coaching™ that uses proprietary algorithms to prescribe relevant sales enablement reinforcement and coaching questions to team members in manageable, bite-​sized chunks; making it much more consumable while on the road, in line at the airport or even in between sales calls.

Features of the SalesFuel® COACH platform include:

  • Assessment-​based Personalization: Individual evaluations of sales team members determine strengths, weaknesses, motivators, engagement strategies, sales skills, etc. and fuels a personalized coaching experience.
  • Dynamic SalesFuel® COACH Playbooks: A customized and continually updated personalized portal for each individual rep specifically designed for improving their sales skills, people skills, motivation, engagement, and team contribution. Managers are alerted to problem areas before they impact sales metrics.
  • 5‑Minute QuickCoaching™: Proprietary algorithms systematically prescribe coaching in quick, five-​minute focused bursts though our microlearning process. It includes short videos, articles and audio snippets from leading sales experts with follow-​up questions to encourage retention.
  • Account-​Based Coaching™: QuickCoaching™ content specifically tailored for high-​priority sales targets that require extra attention from the manager and/​or sales team.
  • SalesFuel® Hiring Candidate Assessments: Quickly identify jobtoxic workplace behaviors among prospective employees with our Toxicity Indexing featuring 13 different profiles such as “The Gossip,” “The Jungle Fighter,” “The Exploiter,” etc. 
  • Company Customization: The platform can be customized to include your company’s preferred verbiage regarding sales methodology and coaching content.
  • CRM & Calendar Integrations: SalesFuel® COACH can be fully integrated to work in conjunction with Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot Sales CRM, Zoho CRM, Oracle, Pipeliner, Microsoft Office 365, Google G‑Suite, AdMall® and Apple iOS.

The way we operate in business is changing. The way we learn and consume information is changing. It’s time to eradicate the “no time for sales coaching epidemic” and Sell Smarter® with SalesFuel® COACH.

Please visit http://​salesfuel​.com/​c​o​a​ch/ to learn how SalesFuel® COACH “moves the middle” of your sales team to improve your bottom line quickly and effectively. For additional information or to request a free demo of the SalesFuel® COACH platform, please click here.