Expert Advice For Expertly Handling Sales Objections

BY Jessica Helinski
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Not every prospective customer is going to be an easy sell. Most often, you’ll encounter at least one or two objections during the sales process. When it comes to selling self-​storage, objections can range from the cost of a unit to rental terms. And, once the sale is made, you may even encounter them from current customers. The way to handle these objections is to stay professional, have confidence and know easy strategies for heading them off. Stephanie Tharp, in an article for Inside Self-​Storage, highlights nine different ways to tackle objections. 

Make it personal.

It should be your goal to view every prospective customer as a friend. As soon as someone walks through your doors, treat him or her with genuine warmth and provide your full attention. Ask lots of questions (find out their name!), which immediately builds rapport and encourages conversation. Also, you can learn a lot, like whether they’ve used self-​storage before, their expectations, etc. Also, Tharp points out, it will help you uncover what the customer values. “His concerns may include security, flooding, pests, break-​ins and facility access, to name a few. Whatever’s important to your prospect, address it first and put him at ease.”

Know the competition. 

Another tip she shares is to be aware of what other self-​storage businesses are doing. If you are unaware of competitor pricing, offerings and service, it will be tough to counter objections that compare you to other businesses.

Know and communicate the rules

You have to have thorough knowledge about the rules of your facility, especially if a potential customer question any of them. You should be able to explain each rule, as well as the reasoning behind it. Use previous experiences as examples of why the rule is important, which will lend context. Also, make sure you are up-​to-​date on any applicable state laws. 

These, along with Tharp’s other suggestions, will prepare you for the inevitable objections that arise from prospects and current customers. You’ll not only be prepared with the knowledge needed but also the confidence!