The Right Phrases for Asking for the Sale

BY Jessica Helinski
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Closing can be nerve-​wracking for even the most experienced sales professional. That is, unless you know the right phrases for asking for the sale. Even if the entire sales process has gone smoothly up to that point, asking for the sale leaves many reps anxious. To the rescue is Emma Brudner, who wrote a list of 18 go-​to sales closing phrases. In her HubSpot article, Brudner points out that while a prospect’s “yes” or “no” answer relies on more than just the sales rep’s sales closing phrase, that phrase does have impact on whether their decision will be in your favor or not.

The Right Phrases for Asking for the Sale

The first thing to consider when deciding which phrases for asking for the sale to use is whether or not your phrase or question is assumptive. As Brudner points out, it should not be. “The assumptive close is a manipulative sales tactic. Essentially, you act like the prospect has already decided.” Below are three examples of an assumptive close:

  • "When should we get started on implementation?"
  • "What delivery date would you like?"
  • "Which [package, tier, bundle] are you going with?"

This is an age-​old tactic that does not appeal to buyers. These assumptive closes will certainly not tip the scales in your favor if a prospect is undecided nor will it give the prospect a positive impression of you. If you use these questions, you will come off as pushy and no one wants to make a purchase from a pushy sales rep.

Instead, Brudner shares fresh phrases for asking for the sale that you should use, including both aggressive and nonaggressive tactics. Below are a couple of examples:

"It seems like [product or service] is a good fit for [company]. What do you think?"

This is a great closing question because it invites the prospect to consider all of the positives things about you and your business. Additionally, you are asking for their opinion rather than using your own opinions and coming across as self-​serving. It's good to let your prospective client arrive at the conclusion that your product or service is what's best for their company on their own. That way they will be much more likely to act on their discovery instead of feeling as if you fed the idea to them in order to make a profit.

What happens next?

When a prospect seems to be stalling, this phrase for asking for the sale will give them the little push that they need. “It might seem crazy to put your prospect in the driver's seat like this — but something's preventing them from buying, and you need to figure it out if you want any shot of getting their business,” Brudner explains. Asking this simple question helps move the conversation to where it needs to be.

The above are just two examples of the 18 fresh phrases that Brudner shares in her article. Whether you are comfortable being aggressive or not when closing, it’s likely you will find at least a few sales closing phrases that fit your sales style.