Fresh Tips to Make Your Sales Meetings Memorable

BY Jessica Helinski
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In-​person meetings give you the amazing opportunity to be face-​to-​face with prospects and sell to them in-​person. But these meetings have their challenges, too. Primarily, it's tough to stand out when there are so many other competitors out there. Sales professional Jeff Howard has years of experience conducting sales meetings, and he lends his insight in a recent blog post. He shares three unexpected ways to subtly wow meeting attendees, promising, “Once you see for yourself how successful these are, you’ll always use them.”

The first tip is to arrive early to the meeting. Make sure to ask the prospect if you can arrive about 15 ahead of schedule to get ready. This extra time will give you a chance to get settled, acquainted with the room and calm nerves. “You can figure out how the projector works, which whiteboard markers to use, and where you should sit,” he explains. “Knowing these things in advance — rather than learning them while everyone’s in the room — will make you more confident and less likely to fumble during your presentation.” You’ll feel more at ease, less intimidated by the new surroundings, and ready to take control.

He also suggests that during the initial small talk, ask for a post-​meeting tour. While this may seem like an odd request. Howard assures readers that there are good reasons for doing so. Knowing he or she will be giving you a tour later makes good behavior more likely to occur during the meeting. Second, leading a tour allows the prospect to show off what makes him or her proud, giving you additional insight into motivations, values and priorities. Plus, you’ll likely encounter other potential contacts and you’ll be in the perfect situation for an introduction. Not sure how to ask for a tour? Howard recommends the following casual question: “By the way, I’d love to see [the rest of the office, the floor, the plant]. If we end early, can you show me around?”

Howard’s third tip can be found in his blog post, and it’s just as easy to implement as the other two. And, most importantly, it’s just as effective. Freshen up your meetings in the new year by using his suggestions!