Have You Made Your Sales Prospecting Videos Yet?

BY Jessica Helinski
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As you likely have heard, video can be a powerful tool in getting a prospective client’s attention and forging a relationship. Are you using videos for sales prospecting? If you are not convinced that videos are worth the effort, Ellen Stafford’s Sales Hacker article might change your mind.

Using Video for Sales Prospecting

Get The Prospect's Attention

Stafford reports that sales reps who use sales prospecting videos report a 40% higher open rate, a 37% higher click-​through rate, and three times the reply rate! And, she explains, you do not need a professionally shot video to have this kind of success in sales. “Your videos don’t have to be highly produced or scripted,” she explains. “They are simply a way to put a face to a name and grab attention where emails and phone calls fail on their own.”

Make It Personal

Saying their name!

This automatically lets them know that you made this video with them, specifically, in mind. It's a promise that the rest of the video will be personalized to their wants and needs, as well. So, make sure to say the prospect's name right at the beginning of the video so that you catch their attention right away. Including a thumbnail image for your video that shows their name and/​or the name of their business. Again, this shows that you're going the extra mile to personalize the outreach attempt. Personalization means enhanced value. 

Being specific.

Clearly outline what you can do for their business instead of letting them piece together what you can do for them on their own. This provides value upfront so that your prospect will know by the end of the video whether or not you are someone they are interested in setting up a sales meeting with. 

Your Plan

Another suggestion for using videos for sales prospecting is to have a plan. Stafford notes you don’t necessarily need scripted talking points (this can actually make you come across as stiff and not authentic). But you do need a rough game plan about what you want to say. Most importantly, you need a clearly defined call to action. “Even though you want to appear off-​the-​cuff, having a plan in place will help you feel comfortable creating and sending personalized videos,” she adds. “It will also help you come across more naturally on camera.”

She also highlights five ways for effectively (and easily) using videos for sales prospecting. The first thing to keep in mind when creating these videos is to focus on personalizing the message. You want to make a real connection with the prospect, and the best way to do that is to deliver a clearly customized message that shows you care about them. You will not only engage the prospect, but also perk their curiosity and interest in your product or service. You can easily add personalized touches to your sales prospecting videos by:

These, along with her other tips, will get you on the right track to using video for sales prospecting!