Health Insurance Companies to Promote Expanded Physical and Emotional Support Programs

BY Rachel Cagle
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"More than nine in in ten (92%) adults over the age of 65 who have Medicare coverage say that it is important to them that their health plan offers programs/​resources that support physical health (physical activity programs, weight loss, nutrition, etc.) and nearly as many (86%) say the same thing about having access to programs/​resources that support emotional health (stress management programs, counseling, etc.), according to Ipsos. Two thirds also stress the importance of having a health plan that offers social connectedness (68%) or financial health (67%) programs/​resources, though at least a third nevertheless say these are important to them."

"Seniors are typically content with their current health plan, with 59% saying they strongly agree/​agree that their health plan does enough to support their health and wellbeing needs — yet nearly half (48%) do not strongly agree/​agree that the programs and resources made available to them by their health plan are relevant and personalized to their health goals and interests."

"Nearly six in ten (58%) would consider switching their current plan in the near future (versus 42% who say that they would not change their plan selection). The most common reason mentioned for contemplating switching or selecting another plan is out of pocket costs (42%), while about one in four would consider switching for prescription drug coverage (26%) or because their physician is not part of their current plan’s network (24%)."

It may come as a shock, but many Retirees turn to the internet when they're interested in purchasing a new product or service. According to AudienceSCAN, within the last month, 54.2% of Retirees have used a search engine to research a product or service they were considering for purchase. Nearly 79% of this demographic prefers using Google to do so. Within the last six months, 13.5% of these consumers have used a mobile device to compare prices while shopping.

"Two in three (62%) seniors report using technology to manage or support their health (internet resources, mobile application, monitoring device, etc.)."

"Attitudes and Opinions Toward Health

When asked to rank the importance of establishing and maintaining a variety of lifestyle habits in their own lives, seniors are most likely to say financial stability (94%), adequate sleep (91%), and positive relationships (90%) are very important/​important to them. Nearly nine in ten say the same thing of managing stress levels (87%) and controlling/​maintaining existing health conditions (87%), while 85% say that establishing/​maintaining healthy eating habits (85%) is important to them. In comparison, not quite eight in ten report that maintaining an appropriate level of physical activity is important to them (78%)."

The benefits of different health care plans can be promoted to Retirees a number of ways. Last year, according to AudienceSCAN, 38.1% of these consumers took action after receiving an email ad and 22.6% were driven to action by either an ad they received via text or an ad they saw on their mobile smartphone apps. Additionally, 55.9% of Retirees get most of their local news from the TV and, last year, TV commercials inspired 51.9% of this audience to take action. In that same amount of time, 55.8% of Retirees were driven to action by direct mail ads.

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