Here's How to Get Your "Just Checking In" Sales Emails Answered

BY Rachel Cagle
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If you are sick of writing, “Just Checking In,” as the subject line of every outreach email you send to your clients, guess what; they are probably just as sick of reading it. So sick, in fact, that they may not even bother to read the rest of the email, because they assume that the email’s contents are as generic as its subject line. There is no need to lose heart, though. It’s simple to choose another, more engaging header that is bound to gain more clicks. Here are a few suggested by Aja Frost in a recent HubSpot article to get your checking in sales emails answered.

How to Get Your "Just Checking In" Sales Emails Answered

Answer a Question the Client has Asked

The easiest course of action is to spotlight the answer to a question the client has asked you. This can either be a question that they recently asked you or a question that you promised to research for them, but had not gotten around to until just now. These checking in sales emails are not just about checking in. You are also offering the client the help that they have expressed that they need from you. Or, if you are checking up on a problem you have recently solved, address the solution in your subject line. “How’s (such and such solution) Working Out For You?”

Offer the Client Advice

If you are working with a company to boost your revenue and you receive an email from them that is titled, “Here’s What I Think You Could Improve,” you would open that email in a heartbeat, wouldn’t you? Try using that method on your clients using your checking in sales emails. Entice the client with the promise of a plan of improvement. They would have to be crazy not to read what you have to say to them with that subject line. (And, obviously, you can’t just randomly use that. Save it for when you have a plan to back it up!)

Send a Recommendation to the Client

When you read an article or hear about an event that will take place near your client’s offices, forward the relevant information to them in a checking in sales email. “Did You Hear About This (Event in Your Area or News Update in Your Field)?” is relevant, intriguing, and engaging enough to warrant a click from your clients. Even if they have already heard about the event, your email is still a good ice breaker. Since you have already proven that you keep an eye out for information that can help this particular client, they will be more accepting of your attempts to check in on their needs going forward.