Hesitant to Purchase Digital Advertising, Women’s Health Clinic Convinced by AudienceSCAN Report Data

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Steering the women’s health clinic away from their current advertising plan

Camille King, a Spectrum Reach account executive, faced a unique challenge when she approached a local women’s health clinic that was only running outdoor advertising.

The client is a very niche woman's health clinic,” said King. “The non-​profit clinic is run by a board of directors who wanted to keep dollars with outdoor advertising.”

King approached them with the desire of selling them a digital advertising campaign for the first time.

With women’s heath being a hot and sensitive topic, they were nervous about how they would be perceived [by] the public,” said King. “The client was pretty adamant about spending their ad dollars on a billboard. Their hesitancy came from not understanding what streaming is, and they felt like they couldn’t track or see it.”

Solution: Showcase a specific piece of research in AdMall’s AudienceSCAN profile

It wasn’t an issue that King had only been on the job three months because she knew that AdMall’s research would help her break through the decision-​makers' uncertainty.

I like the [Prospect by Month] calendar and what media the target [audience] responds to,” said King. “For example, if 56% of buyers respond to a TV ad within the past six months.”

King used the Family Planning Centers Local Account Intelligence Report and advertising response data from the Family Starters AudienceSCAN profile to help convince the women's health clinic that her proposed campaign was best for their business.

[The] advertising response table was key in winning the client over,” said King. “Being able to show the client the low response rate, and the COVID-​19 updates, were a nice touch. So, I leveraged the data from AdMall, and had a conversation with them about the power of streaming, and if they wanted to track the incoming traffic, we have [the tools] to do so.” 

Result: Immediate ROI and a three-​month campaign

The campaign ended up totalling $7,500 over three months. The most important takeaway from King’s story is the ability to steer a wary clinic away from an ineffective advertising plan they had been doing only out of habit and into trying something new.

Even though many outdoor advertising campaigns are effective for other businesses, it just wasn’t working for the women’s health clinic and King was keenly aware of that. They were timid about trying digital advertising, but AdMall helped overcome those reservations and provide an immediate boost for business.

The [women’s health clinic] is typically slow during the summer, but they said they have noticed an uptick in calls and texts,” said King.

AdMall is a key tool I use in prospecting. It has everything you need in one place for research and locating new prospects. So, not only do you learn about the category itself, but you have a better understanding of how a consumer will respond to the business. It’s a great research tool to give you a leg up on your prospect.”

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