How to Add More Personalization In Sales

BY Jessica Helinski
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Sellers who want to connect with buyers must prioritize personalization in sales. With buyers more informed than ever, sellers need to differentiate themselves. Why?

To address the unique needs of every business and the distinct challenges of every customer,” according to Gray Group International (GGI).  

Buyers want to work with sellers who know them and their business. A generic pitch isn’t going to get their attention or establish a connection. 

What Is Personalization In Sales?

Personalizing sales involves specifically tailoring your approach to the needs, preferences, challenges, and goals of the prospect or client. 

Personalized sales strategies facilitate deeper connections, enhance customer satisfaction, and significantly increase the likelihood of conversion,” GGI writes.

Sellers position themselves as knowledgeable experts. And they are able to directly align their solutions to the specifics of a prospect’s business. This makes them more relevant to the buyers' needs than sellers who don’t personalize. 

Tips to Personalize Your Selling 

There are many ways to boost personalization in sales. One way is to marry an old technique with new approaches, according to LinkedIn’s Jack McKissen. Weave personalization into the traditional cold call. 

During your introduction, highlight a personal connection to the prospect. Mention a LinkedIn post they wrote or bring up a recent company success. This shows you aren’t just making a generic cold call. And, you’ve done your research. 

You must have specific, detailed knowledge about the lead in order to keep them on the line,” SalesFuel advises. You won't be able to personalize anything without doing pre-​call research. 

Focus On the Prospect

Another way to integrate personalization into your sales efforts is to keep the prospect at the center of all communications. Don't spend every conversation talking about yourself and your solution. Doing this makes the prospect feel like you truly care instead of just pushing a sale.

While you want to familiarize them with your solution, it shouldn’t be the only thing you discuss. You should highlight your solution’s benefits but do so in a way that shows the personal impact on the buyer. 

Demonstrate the value that your solution can specifically deliver. Highlight how specific features directly address their pain points and can help them reach their goals. 

Immerse Yourself In Their World

Personalization in sales can be so much more when sellers go beyond the basic research. Wow prospects by learning everything you can about them. Don’t just cover the basics; go deeper in your research. 

Use social media to learn about their likes and dislikes. Check out company websites and blog to get insight into their company culture. Do research into their primary competitors, as well as those who could become a future competitor. 

The more you understand their world, the better you can personalize your sales approach and your solution. You may even uncover challenges and opportunities that they haven’t considered. 

As LinkedIn’s Cheryl Castleman points out, taking this extra step positions sellers to deliver value beyond what others offer. 

I immerse myself in my client’s world…I hope to understand their industry and company and lead with that insight.”

Observe and Adapt

The further you go into the sales process with a prospect, the more you can personalize the process. Observe what tactics, communication style, outreach types, and other details appeal most to the prospect.

As you learn their preferences, adapt your strategy to align with what they want. This ensures their satisfaction and that your efforts succeed. 

It also encourages a deeper level of trust, as GetApp’s Gitanjali Maria explains

When you build a personal relationship with customers by adapting to their buying approach, you boost their trust in you.”

Personalization in sales does require more effort than a generic sales approach. But the pay off will be worth it. By taking the time to personalize your approach to each prospect, you position yourself as a trusted advisor.

You also show them that you care about their success and understand just how your solution can get them there.