How to Calm A Worried Prospect

BY Jessica Helinski
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It’s natural to be nervous before a big purchase, especially when buying a solution for an entire company. If you find that a prospect seems worried, it’s up to you to put him or her at ease and soothe any concerns. In a blog post, sales professional Gerhard Gschwandtner gives sales reps tips on what to do when a prospect seems anxious.

His first suggestion is to simply use a calm, controlled voice. Yes, you want to be enthusiastic, but you can express enthusiasm without loud, fast speaking. “Lower your tone of voice, slow down your rate of speech, speak softly and deliberately,” he writes. “Your quiet confidence will generate confidence in others.”

Another suggestion is to consider your own body language. How you use your body language definitely impacts how the other person feels. Looking tense? It’s likely that tension is being transferred to the prospect. Or, you may find yourself mirroring the negative body language of the prospect. If you notice that you’re not exhibiting positive body language, make a shift. “Positively accent your words with frequent smiles and slow head nods,” Gschwandtner suggests. “Keep your arms uncrossed, hands relaxed, and palms open. Sit up straight, legs uncrossed, and slow down your movements.” Something as small as this subtle shift can put the prospect immediately at ease. 

Also, consider the language you’re using. The following are a few examples of words that can subconsciously soothe: 

  • Certain
  • Safe
  • Sure
  • Satisfied
  • Content
  • Agreeable
  • Acceptable

Sprinkling these into your conversations add a reassuring tone to the discussion.