How to Show Clients the Power of Your CTV Ad Inventory

BY Denise Gibson
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It’s only a matter of time until TV is 100% digital, says Innovid in a recent report. If your client is still focusing on traditional TV instead of building a CTV ad inventory, they’re falling behind. Don’t let them be left out.

How to Show Clients the Power of Your CTV Ad Inventory

The Power of CTV is Growing

By 2027, CTV advertising spend will reach more than $40 billion, says Innovid. In 2023, CTV ads accounted for more than half of video impressions:

  • CTV: 53%
  • Mobile: 35%
  • Desktop: 12%

But unlike the mobile and desktop, CTV is the only video ad format with consistently increasing impressions. Since 2020, mobile and desktop’s ad impressions have been consistently decreasing. Meanwhile, CTV’s have grown from making up 40% of impressions in 2020 to more than half now.


According to a previous SalesFuel blog, 76% of marketers say CTV plays a significant role in their ad mix. Why? CTV ads:

  • Increase brand awareness: 55% of marketers agree
  • Improve ad relevance: 40%
  • Offer precise audience targeting: 39%
  • Are an engaging creative format: 37%
  • Increase digital and in-​store brand engagement: 35%
  • Achieve higher conversion rates: 35%
  • Create more repeat customers: 29%

CTV ads get messages in front of the right people in a way that encourages them to take action.”

And, no, consumers don’t mind watching CTV ads. According to another SalesFuel blog, consumers recognize that CTV ads are the reason they’re getting programming for free or discounted. Another 56% say these types of ads provide them with useful information.

So, not only are CTV ads informative, consumers also associate seeing them with positive things.

If your client still isn’t convinced of the power of CTV ad inventory, AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel can help. Look up your client’s target audience to see:

  • What percentage of the audience takes action after seeing CTV ads
  • How long they spend streaming online videos on a typical day
  • Which streaming TV services they use for their TV programming
  • Which types of shows and movies they enjoy watching

Creating the Best CTV Ads

Now, let’s talk about how to build out the best CTV ad inventory possible.

Overall, to get the most engagement from consumers, CTV ads should be:

  • Between 15 and 30 seconds long
  • Include shoppable QR codes
  • Be broadcasted in the early or late morning (plus, these time slots are typically cheaper)
  • Allow viewer interactions

Innovid recommends adding interactive ads and dynamic creative optimization (DCO) to your client’s CTV ad inventory.

Interactive Ads

These CTV ads deliver 7x the engagement of standard video ads, says Innovid. Plus, consumers spend an additional 92 seconds on average engaging with interactive CTV ads. Your client can make CTV ads interactive by:

  • Adding expandable 'Learn More' galleries
  • Including add-​to-​cart QR codes
  • Other types of shoppable interactive ads


DCO technology rapidly builds multiple iterations of an ad using the same base creative while tailoring parts of the ad based on audiences, context and past performance," says Amazon Ads. Innovid adds that with DCO, “brands can ensure the most effective creative is delivered to consumers based on signals.” These signals can include first-​party data, geolocation, weather, and daypart.

Innovid says that DCO ads create a 51% higher lift for dynamic display and an 8% lift for dynamic video. On average, consumers spend 37 more seconds engaging with DCO ads than standard video ads.

Show your client how you can help them build DCO and CTA ad inventory. Demonstrate how you can help them to start reaping these rewards.

CTV ad inventory has never been more important; help your client get started on theirs today.

Photo by: Catherine Heath