Improving Team Synergy by Improving Yourself

BY Lisa Rigsby
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As a sales manager, nothing’s more important than setting the right tone, and cultivating the right culture, for your sales team. In order to run a tight ship, everyone should be on the same page, and that means improving team synergy. You’re going to want cohesiveness among your team members in order to get the most out of everyone. Bottom line: You need to make sure your team’s synergy is in-sync.

The Bird's Eye View

I want you to take a step back and think about where your team currently stands as far as productivity goes. Ask yourself these questions: Is everyone happy? Do they need to be more or less receptive to sales coaching? Am I communicating well enough? Are we holding each other accountable? Create a list of where you can improve these areas to design the best environment for your team. One of the first places to start is communication.


With anything, communication is key. I believe the manager shapes the sales team and the overall work environment. With that said, you need to look inward and see if you are or aren’t communicating well. Make sure you’re being concise, clear and matter-​of-​fact with your team. Good communication is letting people know what their priorities are, or should be, and being supportive at the same time.

Improving Team Synergy Means Improving Yourself

You also need to model the behavior you’re asking your team to display. You need to be a mirror image of who you’re holding accountable in order to successfully manage them better. If you want to be a better coach and receive the right type of feedback from your team to help them grow, you need to be kind in your communication as well.