Local Hearing Aid Store Agrees to Deal After Listening to AdMall’s Industry Statistics

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Getting the word out about pricing

Small businesses often excel over big box retailers because of the more intimate customer service experience. But in obvious other ways, it’s hard to compete with the national brands. A local hearing aid center in northwestern Ohio had no problem making a sale; the challenge was getting folks in the door.

The business was founded in 2009,” said Kendra Caudill, an advertising rep with Buckeye Cable Systems. “People don’t know that he has the cheapest hearing aids in town. He has a hard time getting them to come from the other sides of town. They don’t realize when they go to his office, they deal with him from start to finish. It’s a very personal experience.”

Solution: Use AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Report

Caudill had been familiar with AdMall for about a year when she approached the shop owner. To get him to listen, she brought out AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Report, AdMall’s most used sales tool.

I presented intelligence information that related to the business category during my client needs analysis,” said Caudill. “The information caught the client's attention and he agreed with most of it.”

She referred him to the “Know Their Category” section of the Local Account Intelligence report. This section contains valuable information such as industry opportunity/​challenges, peak sales months, top product categories, and more. It builds a credible portfolio of undeniable data to help a business owner make informed decisions. The hearing aid store owner was convinced.

Result: A three-​month commitment and the hopes of a wider consumer reach

After reviewing Caudill’s findings, the owner agreed to a three-​month advertising campaign to try and source more customers.

They are doing a $3,000 digital display campaign with geo-​fencing,” said Caudill. “They are doing $1,500 of television and we will be producing the 30-​second spot.”