Local Sales Manager Utilizes AdMall PRO’s Digital Audit to Overcome Cold Account

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Community college looking to strengthen police academy, nursing, dental programs

Recently, Local Sales Manager Will Butler sought the help of AdMall PRO’s Digital Audit and presentation tools to show his client, a community college, their digital footprint and also how to improve their website. College officials were afraid of wasting money on marketing, especially after experiencing problems with a previous account executive. As sales manager, Butler stepped in to finally help close this account.

After approximately 9 months of inactivity, Butler knew it was time to make a call to the college. Once initial contact was made with the board member at the college, Butler, through a targeted presentation, adeptly showed them how advertising with Suddenlink-​Central Region would result in quantifiable gains. According to Butler, the needed to be convinced that “marketing isn’t a black hole you throw money in.”

Another challenge the college faced was reaching a select demographic of young adults and convincing them that the college’s vocational training field would result in guaranteed source of income.

Solution: Present client with up-​to-​the-​minute data on new campaign’s efficiency

Perhaps the most dynamic feature of AdMall PRO’s Digital Audit is its ability to gather digital marketing information on a potential client and target audience and present that information in a real-​time report. Butler, a 20-​year veteran of media sales, realized the value in this capability and used it to his advantage by showing how he could provide solutions to the college in the Eureka, California area.

They can see how well it is working or not working up to the minute,” said Butler. “They really want to know that their advertising is working, so we are working with them quarterly to evaluate the programs and making small tweaks to improve their numbers and training them on our dashboard.”

Butler recommended the college buy, “our cable networks, internet product, with pre-​roll and banners that are geo-​fenced. They target all the high schools in the communities they serve, as well as using programmatic and key-​word and contextual targeting.”

Result: Reactivate and follow through on a cold account while providing students with a viable career path

Hurdles cleared, Butler harnessed the information from AdMall PRO to close an account worth $31,000 in revenue. On top of that, he utilized AdMall PRO’s real-​time Digital Audit report to assist the college in better reaching that coveted demographic for its vocational programs. With AdMall’s help, Butler helped the college realize its end goal.