Manage Smarter 121 — Cliff Farrah: Eliminating Struggling Competitors During COVID-19

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At work, serving as President and CEO The Beacon Group, Cliff Farrah has spent more than 25 years advising clients on organic and inorganic growth strategies and tactics in Healthcare, Technology, Industrial, Energy and Defense marketplaces. His thought leading work on growth strategy, innovation commercialization, market disruption, and services/​business model design has been successfully used by Fortune 100 clients around the globe. 

Farrah is the author of dozens of growth strategy and analytical frameworks, and is a guest lecturer at the University of Virginia's Darden Graduate School of Business, where he received his MBA. 

At play, he is a competitive sailor, a former high school sailing coach, US national amateur champion and has been profiled on ESPN and in Sailing magazine. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to remote meeting platform strain caused by more people working from home than ever, there is some audio dropout throughout this recording.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Cliff discuss:

  • How the pandemic accelerates your comp set
  • How to choose which competitor to overtake
  • Near and long-​term market disruption considerations
  • How to identify who in your market is still spending money
  • How amid to right-​size your organization

"Any shared gains you make in a down economy as the market rebounds you manage to maintain that share percentage and it ultimately yields a multiple effect."

Cliff Farrah

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